An API module providing browser redirection based on any number of callback functions.
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SUMMARY: An API module to provide browser redirection based on any number of callback functions. Used to server up alternate pages based on user or envronment states. This is an API module to be used by other modules that want to force a page to be displayed instead of the normal page based on what is typed into the url box of the browser. It can be used to force a profile to be filled out for example, or for a product to be purchased, before allowing the user to return to normal website flow.

Examples of use cases:

  • You want to make sure a profile is fully filled out before the user navigates the site
  • You want to whittle the site down to a single page for a short duration; say to close the site (alternative to site offline)
  • You want to force a user to view a certain page and submit a form before navigating the site
  • The user must make a purchase before navigating the site.


  • Download and unzip this module into your modules directory.
  • Goto Administer > Site Building > Modules and enable this module.


  • Using your custom module, employ hook_force_page_pages(). See force_page.api.php

CONTACT: In the Loft Studios Aaron Klump - Web Developer PO Box 29294 Bellingham, WA 98228-1294 aim: theloft101 skype: intheloftstudios