Provides turn-key WYSYWIG to Drupal 7 with inline image support.
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There are two modules on d.o. with machine names ckeditor. Therefor there is a namespace conflict. Don't get trapped by this. Make sure you download from the link below.

  1. The module and path are mismatched at d.o. Download and enable like this

     drush dl wysiwyg_ckeditor; drush en ckeditor
  2. Enable this module


  1. Disable the slim wysiwyg filter if not needed, e.g. no users here: admin/config/content/formats/slim_wysiwyg/disable.
  2. Visit admin/config/content/wysiwyg and associate the CKEditor with the slim and full html profiles.
  3. Define which roles can user admin/config/content/formats/full_wysiwyg.
  4. Configure both the full and slim versions.
  5. Set the order of formats here: admin/config/content/formats

Bundle configuration

  1. Add field_inline_images to each bundle that needs inline images.
  2. Add a collapsed fieldset titled Upload Images around the above. Place it below the main body field of the bundle.

Important Configuration Links

uri admin menu description
admin/config/content/formats Configuration > Content authoring > Text Formats Set order of formats per role; Admin all formats
admin/config/content/formats/{format} Configuration > Content authoring > Text Formats > Full WYSIWYG Disable a format; Edit a single text format
admin/config/content/wysiwyg Configuration > Content authoring > WYSIWYG profiles Associate CKEditor with text formats; adjust editor options