A BASH script to correct permissions on a Drupal installation.
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#Summary This is a collection of BASH scripts to modify the file permissions for popular web apps including Drupal and Wordpress.


  1. Install fix_drupal_perms.sh in a directory in your $PATH variable and make it executable, probably via a symlink fix_drupal_perms. e.g.,

     cd ~/bin
     git clone https://github.com/aklump/fix_drupal_perms.git fix_drupal_perms_files
     ln -s fix_drupal_perms_files/fix_drupal_perms.sh fix_drupal_perms
     ln -s fix_drupal_perms_files/fix_wp_perms.sh fix_wp_perms


For Drupal

  1. Navigate to the doc root of a drupal installation in shell and execute fix_drupal_perms.

For Wordpress

  1. Navigate to the doc root of a wordpress installation in shell and execute fix_wp_perms.


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  • Aaron Klump - Developer
  • PO Box 29294 Bellingham, WA 98228-1294
  • aim: theloft101
  • skype: intheloftstudios
  • d.o: aklump
  • http://www.InTheLoftStudios.com