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Helps you to avoid typing GitHub URIs over and over again.
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octobrain Build Status

If you live in the shell most of the time, then it is very annoying to switch to the browser in order to open up a GitHub project page. It is a lot to type, right? octobrain is your little friend to help you in this regard. This friendly helper allows you to save aliases for repos and access them via your command line interpreter. Want to test-drive? Cool!


Install with npm globally.

npm install -g octobrain


Create an alias (the aliases will be saved in ~/.octobrain)

octobrain npma npmawesome/

access the repo page (will open the GitHub code view in your browser)

octobrain npma

or open up a specific issue (will open the issue #10 of the respective repo)

octobrain npma -i 10

All the options


    octobrain alias [namespace] [options]


    -i, --issue: Open up a specific issue in the browser. 
    -l, --list: Lists all saved aliases.
    -h, --help: Print this usage information.
    -v, --version: Version information

usage examples: 

    octobrain [alias] [namespace] 
        Will create an alias of the given GitHub namespace (e.g. "octobrain im akoenig/imacss").

    octobrain [alias] 
        Will open the GitHub project page in your default browser (e.g. "octobrain im").

    octobrain [alias] --issue 10 
        Will open the issue 10 (e.g. "octobrain im -i 10").


See the for further information.


Copyright 2014, André König (

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