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Vagrant box for Mono and ASP.NET vNext
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mono-aspnetvnext Vagrant box

The GitHub repository hosts the Vagrantfile used to create the box at Do not clone the repository, just follow the instructions below

The box contains everything needed to play with ASP.NET vNext projects on Mono.

By using Vagrant, you can run a VM with everything set up correctly without messing with your Windows, Linux or Mac OSX host.


Setup Vagrant box

To use the box and run the included "Hello World" sample, follow these steps:

  1. Run vagrant init akoeplinger/mono-aspnetvnext in an empty directory, this creates a new Vagrantfile
  2. Add "forwarded_port", guest: 5000, host: 5000 to the newly created Vagrantfile to forward your local port 5000 to the VM
  3. Run vagrant up to download the Vagrant box and boot the VM
  4. Run vagrant ssh to connect to the VM
  5. cd helloworld/src/helloworldweb
  6. Run kpm restore to restore the necessary packages
  7. Start the test web server by running k web

The "Hello World" web application should now be running, access it by browsing to http://localhost:5000.

The folder containing the Vagrantfile is automatically mapped to the VM path /vagrant. This is a simple way to share your own projects with the VM.

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