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[2010-02-10] Better testing for broken entries in logical log
Currently the test code for broken entries does not test all possible
combinations of broken entries (meaning crash during write of entry so it
was incomplete). This is fine since a broken command entry will never be
executed because it would then have to have a following prepare entry (can
not happen since we do flush on them). Would however be nice to have code
that tests this so user don't get an exception on recovery.
[2010-02-25] Bug fix [3933] needs to be merged into 1.0.1
[2010-02-25] Embedd checksum to logical log
We need to be able to do a checksum on the logical log before applying it
during replication/backup.
[2010-09-09] Uniform configuration of components
There should be a uniform mechanism for non-programmatic component and
extension configuration (settings for which there is no direct API).
[2010-09-10] Expose build revision in JMX kernel bean
Now that the revision is available in a public api, it should also
be included in the jmx kernel bean. This will be particularly helpful
for reporting problems (since build revision will be a little more
particular than kernel version).
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