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…and cucumber, just bash
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Running Literally by Hand
-Reading through the [manage-ha-cluster.feature](by-hand/features/manage-ha-cluster.feature)
+Reading through the [manage-localhost-cluster.feature](by-hand/features/manage-localhost-cluster.feature)
+you can see exactly what tools are required and what has to be configured
+to set up a cluster on a local machine.
+You'll find a `defaults.cfg` file in this directory that sets up the environment
+variables in the same way. You can source that, then copy-and-paste each line of
+shell commands to install, configure and manage the localhost cluster.
+To work with a group of actual machines (to which you have ssh access), the
+addresses would change from `localhost` to the actual machine addresses. Then,
+each `for` means "do this to each machine" for the appropriate cluster type.
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