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HA-Ops With Chef

The HA-Ops Chef cookbook for Neo4j can provision any Debian-like host machine. To demonstrate the operation, the included scripts and configuration use vagrant to simulate a cluster of machines.


Full Ruby development environment:

  • ruby 1.8.7+
  • rubygems
  • rvm (recommended, but optional)

Virtual Box:

  • VirtualBox 4.1.0+


  • chef-0.10.2 - for provisioning the instances
  • vagrant-0.8.2 - for launching VirtualBox instances
  • cucumber-1.0.2 - for running integration tests
  • rspec-2.6.0 - for asserting expectations

If using rvm, then you can import the needed gems like so:

rvm gemset import ../chef.gems

Simulated Deployment with Vagrant

With Vagrant installed, you can simulate an HA cluster by launching VirtualBox VMs configured in the Vagrantfile. Running vagrant will create, provision and start up a collection of Virtual Machines according to the specfications in the Vagrantfile.

To provision the VMs, notice that the Vagrantfile has the chef.add_recipe lines indicate the recipe to be used for installing software. The recipes themselves are contained under the chef/cookbooks/ directory.

To run the simulated deployment:

  1. Add a "box" to use for creating VM instances
    • vagrant box add lucid32 http://files.vagrantup.com/lucid32.box
  2. Edit the Vagrantfile to change the VM instance counts
    • zookeeper_instance_count for number of Zookeeper VMs
    • neo4j_instance_count for number of Neo4j VMs
    • (optional step. By default, the spec will launch 1 of each)
  3. Launch the VMs
    • vagrant up
  4. Check that Neo4j is runnning
    • http://localhost:7474

Look for the "Forwarding ports..." lines in the deployment transcript to see which local ports have been forward to a virtual machine port.

For instance...

[neo4j_1] -- ssh: 22 => 2200 (adapter 1)

...indicates that local port 2222 is forwarded to virtual port 22 of the virtual machine named neo4j_1.

Build & Test

The above steps can be reduced to just running the Cucumber BDD feature description:

rake features

Running the full feature takes a long time. Please be patient while the virtual machines are created, started and provisioned.