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Neo4j T-Shirts

Neo4j topples the square stacks of uniform records, recognizing the unique character of individual data and the value in relationships among them. Naturally, when considering a t-shirt for our community, we wanted to acknowledge each person who would wear one, and how they are related to Neo4j.

Simple. We'll create a social graph of t-shirts. To become part of the social graph:

  1. Buy a T-Shirt from the Neo4j T-Graph Shop
    • Modify the Cypher match query on the back of the shirt to relate yourself
    • use your Twitter handle, and the handle of someone already in the graph
    • (emileifrem)-->(akollegger)
  2. Snap a photo of yourself in the shirt, and tweet like so:
    • (@emileifrem)-->(@akollegger) #neo4j #tgraph http://twitpic/A321D0
  3. To be approved as part of the graph, the member you mention must simply retweet your tweet.

You may not know which mug is yours, but your shirt will be unmistakeable.


This shirt is my shirt, that shirt is your shirt, 
from California to the British Island
From the Swedish Forest to Mediterranean waters
This shirt was made for you from me
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