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+[Opa]( is a revolutionary language for web development.
+This project will collect a series of simple, self-contained HOWTOs illustrating how to accomplish certain tasks in Opa. Every HOWTO will consist of just a single Opa file, with extensive comments, including `HINT`s and `EXERCISE`s.
+List of HOWTOs
+As of today the HOWTOs include:
+* [`select.opa`]( How to properly use HTML's SELECT in Opa? (requested by Nathan Frund). [`Run!`](
+Request a HOWTO
+If you have a question that could be a basis for a good HOWTO don't hesitate to contact me at and suggest it for inclusion here.
2 select.opa
@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ import stdlib.themes.bootstrap
* It has a single argument, which is the selected value.
* @return The function returns XHTML snippet with the selection among given options.
- * Exercises:
* - As it is this function just renders the options with a default conversion
* to xhtml (which btw. can be customized with xmlizer functions!); what would
* you do if you need more control over the XHTML generated for every option?

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