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Details in the 0.9.3 release post.

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@@ -6,13 +6,14 @@ _(New to Opa? Read <<chapter_hello_opa, this>> to learn what it's all about_)
A new version of Opa has just been released, Opa 0.9.3. Since in the rush we missed the announcement for Opa 0.9.2 let me summarize major changes since 0.9.1:
-* *New platforms: Windows* (thanks[shadinger]) and FreeBSD (thanks Jeremy Messenger),
+* *New platforms:[Windows]* (thanks[shadinger]) and[FreeBSD] (thanks Jeremy Messenger),
* *MongoDB* officially becomes the *default database* backend in Opa,
* Lots of improvements to *HTML5-compliance*,
* Initial Opa plugin for[Sublime Text 2],
* Sub-paths, projections, +ifexists+, +exists+ and more extensions in database queries,
* Bootstrap and[Bootstrap widgets] updated to 2.0.3,
-* 4 first chapters of the manual translated to Chinese (thanks Li Wenbo),
+* 5 first chapters of the manual translated to Chinese (thanks Li Wenbo) -- you should see them automatically if your browser is configured for the Chinese language,
+* Convenience syntax for inline event handler functions: +onready=\{ function(\_) code }+, instead of the more verbose +onready=\{ function(_) \{ code } }+
* PUT/DELETE methods handled by the HTTP server,
* IMAP/SMTP clients,
* New package[stdlib.core.concurrency] providing server-side concurrency primitives,

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