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Sample application showcasing the Radzen Blazor Components
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Radzen Blazor Components examples

This is the source code of of the application behind

Commercial support

Paid support for the Radzen Blazor Components is available as part of the Radzen Professional subscription.

Our flagship product Radzen provides tons of productivity features for Blazor developers:

  • The first in the industry WYSIWYG Blazor design time canvas
  • Scaffolding a complete CRUD applications from a database
  • Built-in security - authentication and authorization
  • Visual Studio Code and Professional support
  • Deployment to IIS and Azure
  • Dedicated support with 24 hour guaranteed response time
  • Active community forum

Get started with the Radzen Blazor Components


Radzen Blazor Components are distributed as the Radzen.Blazor nuget package. You can add them to your project in one of the following ways

  • Install the package from command line by running dotnet add package Radzen.Blazor
  • Add the project from the Visual Nuget Package Manager
  • Manually edit the .csproj file and add a project reference

Import the namespace

Open the _Imports.razor file of your Blazor application and add this line @using Radzen.Blazor.

Include a theme

Open the _Host.cshtml file (server-side Blazor) or wwwroot/index.html (client-side Blazor) and include a theme CSS file by adding this snippet <link rel="stylesheet" href="_content/Radzen.Blazor/css/default.css">

Include Radzen.Blazor.js

Open the _Host.cshtml file (server-side Blazor) or wwwroot/index.html (client-side Blazor) and include this snippet <script src="_content/Radzen.Blazor/Radzen.Blazor.js"></script>

Use a component

Use any Radzen Blazor component by typing its tag name in a Blazor page e.g.

<RadzenButton Text="Hi"></RadzenButton>

If you are using client-side Blazor also add the following code to your .csproj file (after the closing RazorLangVersion element):


It is a workaround for a known issue when using IQueryable.

Data-binding a property

<RadzenButton Text="@text"></RadzenButton>
@code {
  string text = "Hi";

Handing events

<RadzenButton Click="@ButtonClicked" Text="Hi"></RadzenButton>
@code {
  void ButtonClicked()

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