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:;exec emacs --script "$0" "$@"
(defun difference (left right)
"compare two lists"
(let ((caleft (car left))
(caright (car right)))
((not left) right)
((not right) left)
((string< caleft caright)
(cons caleft (difference (cdr left) right)))
((string< caright caleft)
(cons caright (difference left (cdr right))))
(t (difference (cdr left) (cdr right))))))
(defun stripstuff (fn)
"strip the date and extension"
(string-match "\\\(.*\\\)-[0-9]+\.\\\(el$\\\|tar$\\\)" fn)
(match-string 1 fn))
(mapc 'message
(sort (directory-files "recipes/" nil "[^.].*") 'string<)
(sort (mapcar 'stripstuff (directory-files "packages/" nil "[^.].*\\\(el$\\\|tar$\\\)")) 'string<)))