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Sat Nov 28 2009 Valient Gough <>
* fix printf arg warning
* add configure argument to disable variable clustering
* check for two-argument section attribute support
Sun Nov 22 2009 Valient Gough <>
* avoid doc build failure if not building docs
Tue Aug 18 2009 Valient Gough <>
* single char path length test
Thu Nov 6 2008 Valient Gough <>
* fix off-by-one which cause single-char paths to be ignored
Fri Jun 27 2008 Valient Gough <>
* simplify macros in rlog-c99
* add test for gcc section attribute to configure
Sat Jun 14 2008 Valient Gough <>
* add warning if timer isn't accurate enough to get good benchmark
* no longer use RDTSC function unless specifically requested during
* update configure using autoupdate
* bump version to 1.4
* add global lock to RLog_Register function, to avoid race in threaded
Sat Jun 7 2008 Valient Gough <>
* add missing RLOG_SECTION definition
Fri Jun 6 2008 Valient Gough <>
* update changelog
* bump version to 1.3.8, lib version to 5
* import Windows VC80 patch from David Wolfe
* minor fixes for Windows compile
* use inline functions for modifying PublishLoc
* add PublishLoc destructor. Struct initialization check hidden in
out-of-band code.
* move enable flag to separate data segment for better cache locality
* minor code cleanup for enabled flag
Fri Jun 6 13:45:00 PDT 2008 Valient Gough <>
* move enable flag to separate data segment for better cache locality
Fri Jun 6 00:37:33 PDT 2008 Valient Gough <>
* minor code cleanup for enabled flag
Thu Jun 5 23:44:13 PDT 2008 Valient Gough <>
* introduce enable flag in log state to fix threading issue when
disabling log
Sun Jun 1 18:36:56 PDT 2008 Valient Gough <>
* fix compile error on gcc 4.3
Wed Dec 19 01:25:19 PST 2007 Valient Gough <>
* replace RDTSC assembly with msr.h use on GNU/Linux
Mon Aug 13 23:16:05 PDT 2007 Valient Gough <>
* use builtin_expect when GCC version >= 3, as gcc 4 wasn't picking
it up.
Mon Nov 20 23:00:11 PST 2006 Valient Gough <>
* exclude _darcs directory from documentation build
This was causing duplication of sections, since doxygen was finding
the darcs pristine copy.
Sat Oct 14 22:06:50 PDT 2006 Valient Gough <>
* include win32 directory in dist target
Sun Jul 16 23:01:22 PDT 2006 Valient Gough <>
* enable static build by default in spec file
Tue Oct 4 2005 Valient Gough <>
* update config scripts
Tue Sep 20 2005 Valient Gough <>
* bump shared library version number
* add reconfigure script
* add more logging options to StdioNode
Based on patch by Christopher Clark
Thu Jun 2 2005 Valient Gough <>
* convert development tree from bitkeeper to darcs
2004-12-08 Valient Gough <>
fix couple small problems reported by R.Geus.
make thread flag portable using ACX_PTHREAD macro.
2004-11-10 Valient Gough <>
replace compatibility list with a colour coded table
2004-11-09 Valient Gough <>
add ability to use old STL header -- fixes build on Darwin 5.5 system.
update list of tested systems in index.dox and fix some comments in component.dox
TAG: v1.3.5
2004-11-08 Valient Gough <>
add missing files from automake
add release note to spec file
replace autoconf setup with simpler version, removing old KDE based setup
add valgrind support to show backtrace in valgrind on assert failures
2004-10-31 Valient Gough <>
Fix build errors on RedHat 7.3.
2004-10-24 Valient Gough <>
ignore lots of autogenerated files.
rename to Supply a windows version.
rename config.h to common.h, to avoid confusion with autoconf generated
integrate changes from Vadim for win32 support
2004-10-23 Valient Gough <>
add missing file
2004-10-20 Valient Gough <>
add windows support code provided by Vadim Zeitlin
rename varidac -> variadic
implement support for compilers which do not have variadic macros.
2004-06-01 Valient Gough <>
1.3.4 documentation update
update change history
TAG: v1.3.4
2004-05-31 Valient Gough <>
portability changes to make rlog buildable with older C++ compilers, and on
non-X86 computers.
2004-05-04 Valient Gough <>
some missing macros meant to have been moved from rlog.h here.
add variable argument ERROR_FMT() macro.
add containing rlog configuration and low level macros.
2004-05-03 Valient Gough <>
enable valgrind support by default, if it is found.
move valgrind code to inside rlog.cpp instead of the header file.
2004-04-18 Valient Gough <>
update admin dir
add valgrind support to show backtrace in valgrind on assert failures
2004-03-15 Valient Gough <>
component documentation updates
GPL -> LGPL changes
2004-03-14 Valient Gough <>
TAG: v1.3.1
add pointers for 1.3.1 release. This significantly improves build tools, and
now includes prebuilt documentation for system which do not have the
necessary tools.
fix spec install targets
minor changes to use configure determined doxygen path
fixes to get html files installed correctly
changes to make documentation build automatic, or else use prebuild
2004-03-13 Valient Gough <>
ensure that the docs directory gets included in the 'make dist' build
prepare for 1.3.1 release, added links in documentation
2004-03-12 Valient Gough <>
fix silly typos in .pc file
add stdarg include on reports of va_list being undefined.
add pkg-config file for librlog.
2004-02-29 Valient Gough <>
missed as part of previous commit
changed license to LGPL. There are plenty of free software logging options
under a variety of licenses, no need to be too strict with it.
add script. Add ChangeLog, generated from BK logs.
make documentation a separate build target.
2004-02-19 Valient Gough <>
change version number define to be a date stamp
TAG: v1.4
2004-02-17 Valient Gough <>
add rAssertSilent macro
2004-02-13 Valient Gough <>
make maps typedefs so they are easy to change out
fix macros for special cases in rlog.h and allow configure check to be
2004-02-12 Valient Gough <>
add redhat 7.3 links for rlog 1.3 release
documentation changes for 1.3 release
2004-02-10 Valient Gough <>
made rlog.h generated by configure script
try to fix problems compiling with older gcc versions.
TAG: v1.3
2004-02-08 Valient Gough <>
spelling fixes in documentation
add latex/refman.pdf target
add documentation installation targets
2004-01-29 Valient Gough <>
add RLogVersion(), add ERROR() macro
2004-01-24 Valient Gough <>
remove deprecated files
switch to automake/autoconf build system.
fix PDF reference manual build.
2004-01-23 Valient Gough <>
version number changed to 1.2.0
lots of documentation changes
2004-01-22 Valient Gough <>
add lots of comments and some new doxygen documentation files.
move all files to rlog subdirectory to make include paths work out right.
Reimplement static initialization of rlog messages. This eliminates the
static initialization code from the dormant log case, and improves the Intel
ICC code output to be as good as the G++ output.
add logging level support to help subscribers distinguish importance separate
from channel name.
2004-01-20 Valient Gough <>
minor cleanup of comments in rlog.h , choice of headers in test program.
2004-01-17 Valient Gough <>
add SyslogNode which logs messages using syslog
fix compiler errors in rAssert macro
2004-01-15 Valient Gough <>
add rloginit with method for registering module information
add RLogInit, in anticipation of adding initialization callbacks for external
add more documentation for doxygen
TAG: v1.2
2004-01-14 Valient Gough <>
removed dcoplog from rlog depo - making separate
add lots of ignore patterns
implement automatic unsubscribe for broken connections
make channel code componentized.
This allows subscriptions to just particular channels within a component, or
a channel across all components (global).
2004-01-13 Valient Gough <>
add po/
TAG: v1.1
2004-01-12 Valient Gough <>
added an initial dcoplog implementation which uses KDE's DCOP client/server
protocol to allow subscribing to log messages from another process.
2004-01-11 Valient Gough <>
remove deprecated functions
more minor cleanup
TAG: v1.0
add locking to globally visible structures
builds under Intel ICC 8.0
move debug/release flag to rlog.pri and set to release
build release with -g1, so there is enough info for a backtrace if necessary
some code cleanup before releasing into wild.
rename RLogType to RLogChannel, which is more descriptive of duties..
speed improvements and added testlog program to show some speed statistics
2004-01-06 Valient Gough <>
type based subscriptions working
2003-12-25 Valient Gough <>
Initial repository create