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@author Anthony Kosednar Widget is a web appilcation I started in 2008 based off of Dmitri Gaskin's PHPingFM framework.


In 2008, As my first "real" web project, I coded up a duct tape version of an adobe air widget to allow a user to post to I made the Adobe Air widget refer the user to an external site, in order to allow myself to make frequent changes to the widget, while limiting the number of updates needed for the user's application. It later evolved from an Adobe Air app to feature also a Mac Dashboard Widget, and a mobile version. I eventually became busy and stoped development in 2009.

This was my first project on the web application/project. I there are mistakes, and I know that at this moment in time I could code a significantly better version.

As such, do not take this code with a grain of salt, and with the knowledge that it was written by a 14 year old at the time. :)

For the most part, I have uploaded the raw code I created (unmodified since 2009). I may edit a few things later on, but for now it pretty much is the same as it has been. If something does not work though, it might be from one of the edits I actually did :)


  • Web -- Main Resource Hub
  • Adobe Air Widget
  • Dashboard Widget


I am not actively developing this project. Thus, if you find in bugs or make any improvements, please make a pull request so that your changes may be included into the main repo.


  • PHPingFM.php is Copyright (c) 2008 Dmitri Gaskin, .

    Dual licensed under the MIT (MIT-LICENSE.txt) and GPL (GPL-LICENSE.txt) licenses.

  • All other code is Copyright (c) 2011 Anthony Kosednar, .

    Dual licensed under the MIT (MIT-LICENSE.txt) and GPL (GPL-LICENSE.txt) licenses.


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