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import numpy as np
import sonnet as snt
import tensorflow as tf
from tensorflow.contrib.distributions import Bernoulli, NormalWithSoftplusScale
from modules import SpatialTransformer, ParametrisedGaussian
class AIRCell(snt.RNNCore):
"""RNN cell that implements the core features of Attend, Infer, Repeat, as described here:
_n_transform_param = 4
def __init__(self, img_size, crop_size, n_appearance,
transition, input_encoder, glimpse_encoder, glimpse_decoder, transform_estimator, steps_predictor,
discrete_steps=True, canvas_init=None, explore_eps=None, debug=False):
"""Creates the cell
:param img_size: int tuple, size of the image
:param crop_size: int tuple, size of the attention glimpse
:param n_appearance: number of latent units describing the "what"
:param transition: an RNN cell for maintaining the internal hidden state
:param input_encoder: callable, encodes the original input image before passing it into the transition
:param glimpse_encoder: callable, encodes the glimpse into latent representation
:param glimpse_decoder: callable, decodes the glimpse from latent representation
:param transform_estimator: callabe, transforms the hidden state into parameters for the spatial transformer
:param steps_predictor: callable, predicts whether to take a step
:param discrete_steps: boolean, steps are samples from a Bernoulli distribution if True; if False, all steps are
taken and are weighted by the step probability
:param canvas_init: float or None, initial value for the reconstructed image. If None, the canvas is black. If
float, the canvas starts with a given value, which is trainable.
:param explore_eps: float or None; if float, it has to be \in (0., .5); step probability is clipped between
`explore_eps` and (1 - `explore_eps)
:param debug: boolean, adds checks for NaNs in the inputs to distributions
super(AIRCell, self).__init__(self.__class__.__name__)
self._img_size = img_size
self._n_pix =
self._crop_size = crop_size
self._n_appearance = n_appearance
self._transition = transition
self._n_hidden = self._transition.output_size[0]
self._sample_presence = discrete_steps
self._explore_eps = explore_eps
self._debug = debug
with self._enter_variable_scope():
self._canvas = tf.zeros(self._img_size, dtype=tf.float32)
if canvas_init is not None:
self._canvas_value = tf.get_variable('canvas_value', dtype=tf.float32, initializer=canvas_init)
self._canvas += self._canvas_value
transform_constraints = snt.AffineWarpConstraints.no_shear_2d()
self._spatial_transformer = SpatialTransformer(img_size, crop_size, transform_constraints)
self._inverse_transformer = SpatialTransformer(img_size, crop_size, transform_constraints, inverse=True)
self._transform_estimator = transform_estimator(self._n_transform_param)
self._input_encoder = input_encoder()
self._glimpse_encoder = glimpse_encoder()
self._glimpse_decoder = glimpse_decoder(crop_size)
self._what_distrib = ParametrisedGaussian(n_appearance, scale_offset=0.5,
validate_args=self._debug, allow_nan_stats=not self._debug)
self._steps_predictor = steps_predictor()
def state_size(self):
return [, # image, # canvas
self._n_appearance, # what
self._n_transform_param, # where
self._transition.state_size, # hidden state of the rnn
1, # presence
def output_size(self):
return [, # canvas, # glimpse
self._n_appearance, # what code
self._n_appearance, # what loc
self._n_appearance, # what scale
self._n_transform_param, # where code
self._n_transform_param, # where loc
self._n_transform_param, # where scale
1, # presence prob
1 # presence
def output_names(self):
return 'canvas glimpse what what_loc what_scale where where_loc where_scale presence_prob presence'.split()
def initial_state(self, img):
batch_size = img.get_shape().as_list()[0]
hidden_state = self._transition.initial_state(batch_size, tf.float32, trainable=True)
where_code = tf.zeros([1, self._n_transform_param], dtype=tf.float32, name='where_init')
what_code = tf.zeros([1, self._n_appearance], dtype=tf.float32, name='what_init')
flat_canvas = tf.reshape(self._canvas, (1, self._n_pix))
where_code, what_code, flat_canvas = (tf.tile(i, (batch_size, 1)) for i in (where_code, what_code, flat_canvas))
flat_img = tf.reshape(img, (batch_size, self._n_pix))
init_presence = tf.ones((batch_size, 1), dtype=tf.float32)
return [flat_img, flat_canvas,
what_code, where_code, hidden_state, init_presence]
def _build(self, inpt, state):
"""Input is unused; it's only to force a maximum number of steps"""
img_flat, canvas_flat, what_code, where_code, hidden_state, presence = state
img_inpt = img_flat
img = tf.reshape(img_inpt, (-1,) + tuple(self._img_size))
inpt_encoding = self._input_encoder(img)
with tf.variable_scope('rnn_inpt'):
hidden_output, hidden_state = self._transition(inpt_encoding, hidden_state)
where_param = self._transform_estimator(hidden_output)
where_distrib = NormalWithSoftplusScale(*where_param,
validate_args=self._debug, allow_nan_stats=not self._debug)
where_loc, where_scale = where_distrib.loc, where_distrib.scale
where_code = where_distrib.sample()
cropped = self._spatial_transformer(img, where_code)
with tf.variable_scope('presence'):
presence_prob = self._steps_predictor(hidden_output)
if self._explore_eps is not None:
presence_prob = self._explore_eps / 2 + (1 - self._explore_eps) * presence_prob
if self._sample_presence:
presence_distrib = Bernoulli(probs=presence_prob, dtype=tf.float32,
validate_args=self._debug, allow_nan_stats=not self._debug)
new_presence = presence_distrib.sample()
presence *= new_presence
presence = presence_prob
what_params = self._glimpse_encoder(cropped)
what_distrib = self._what_distrib(what_params)
what_loc, what_scale = what_distrib.loc, what_distrib.scale
what_code = what_distrib.sample()
decoded = self._glimpse_decoder(what_code)
inversed = self._inverse_transformer(decoded, where_code)
with tf.variable_scope('rnn_outputs'):
inversed_flat = tf.reshape(inversed, (-1, self._n_pix))
canvas_flat += presence * inversed_flat
decoded_flat = tf.reshape(decoded, (-1,
output = [canvas_flat, decoded_flat, what_code, what_loc, what_scale, where_code, where_loc, where_scale,
presence_prob, presence]
state = [img_flat, canvas_flat,
what_code, where_code, hidden_state, presence]
return output, state
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