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"Practical Common Lisp" by Peter Seibel in ePub format
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Common List Book in ePub Format

This is an unofficial ePub version of the Practical Common Lisp book available online.


The Makefile depends on Pandoc to create the eBooks. If you have Kindlegen you can generate an eBook that is readable on the Kindle.

To build the ePub just run any of the following commands at the command line:

  • make will generate the PDF, ePub and Kindle files.
  • make pdf, make epub and make kindle will only generate the requested format.

The files will be available in the _build folder after the operation completes.


If you reuse this Makefile to create your own eBooks, make sure that the input files are saved with the UTF-8 encoding, which is the one that Pandoc expects.


The source code of the book can be downloaded in tar.gz and zip formats from the original website.


Copyright © 2003-2009, Peter Seibel.

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