An iPhone client for Fat Free CRM
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Senbei by akosma

Senbei is an iPhone client for accessing remote servers running a copy of Fat Free CRM.


"CRM (abbreviation) customer relationship management, denoting strategies and software that enable a company to organize and optimize its customer relations."


Because Senbei is lightweight, tasty and, most importantly, fat-free :) The name and icon were both suggested by the design and branding geniuses of Zerofee.


  • List pending tasks;
  • Mark tasks as done;
  • Create a new task;
  • List contacts, accounts, opportunities, leads and campaigns (with page-based loading; scroll to the bottom, a new page of data loads automatically);
  • Search contacts, accounts, opportunities, leads and campaigns;
  • View comments for contacts, accounts, opportunities, leads and campaigns;
  • Add comments for contacts, accounts, opportunities, leads and campaigns;
  • View contacts as "address book" entries, with integrated e-mail and web browsing;
  • Configurable to use any FFCRM instance (URL, username, password, done). Off the box it uses the site as a default entry, with a random entry ("aaron", "ben", "elizabeth") as username and password;
  • Lists are sorted and displayed in the same order as the underlying FFCRM instance.
  • Displays Gravatars for accounts with e-mails.

Planned features

  • Create contacts from the local address book;
  • View accounts, opportunities, leads and campaigns details in a separate screen;
  • View assigned and completed tasks.
  • List users;
  • View user details;
  • Create cross-relations (jump from one account to its opportunities, and so on);
  • Other things I can't remember right now :)



This code is released under a liberal BSD license. See the LICENSE file for details.