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head fork: ttilley/nib2objc
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Commits on Dec 07, 2011
@ttilley ttilley load FScript if available for easy runtime debugging when compiled wi…
…th DEBUG or FSCRIPT defined
@ttilley ttilley update XIBs, actually hook up app delegate edfe762
@ttilley ttilley info plist tweak (add BuildMachineOSBuild and LSApplicationCategoryType) d2cc920
@ttilley ttilley fix implicit sign conversions 1eacbf1
@ttilley ttilley Processor Registry
implement private class->processor registry class
replace the large nested if/else block with a registry lookup
add macros for auto-registration of processor classes and mappings on load
use DEBUG macro to enable output of unknown keys rather than CONFIGURATION_Debug
@ttilley ttilley convert processors to use registry
use DEBUG macro to enable output of unsupported classes rather than CONFIGURATION_Debug
@ttilley ttilley edit document types cf12550
@ttilley ttilley remove __MyCompanyName__ copyright comments, silence unused parameter…
… warnings
@ttilley ttilley GUI Xcode project update 6eb3548
@ttilley ttilley New run of the script 013159b
@ttilley ttilley remove inaccurate comment about processUnknownProperty:value: ac437d4
@ttilley ttilley primarily formatting
remove unused imports
remove unused values (except for partially implemented ProxyObjectProcessor)
macro syntax tweak
@ttilley ttilley remove log statements unintentionally left in place 018fe5c
@ttilley ttilley update fragaria 74aae46
@ttilley ttilley scope helper method names
this will make life a bit more sane when adding support for additional frameworks. like, say... AppKit. ;)
@ttilley ttilley split by framework, rename Processor to ObjectProcessor, remove redun…
…dant processor.h (using +load it's not necessary)
Commits on Dec 08, 2011
@ttilley ttilley replace deprecated readFromFile:ofType: method with readFromURL:ofTyp…
@ttilley ttilley simplify key processing
provide a default implementation of processKey:value: that allows for replacing lengthy if/else checks with individual per-key class or instance methods
add macros for common key->string logic
convert direct subclasses of ObjectProcessor to use the new style

As an example of how this makes processor classes more DRY and readable, UIViewControllerProcessor has been reduced to just the following code:

		@implementation UIViewControllerProcessor


		KeyValueMethod(modalPresentationStyle, uiModalPresentationStyleString)
		KeyValueMethod(modalTransitionStyle, uiModalTransitionStyleString)

@ttilley ttilley fix over-autorelease 4f216c5
@ttilley ttilley update command-line project with the changes i've made so far. note t…
…o self: make a singular project at some point for both GUI and command-line
@ttilley ttilley dead code stripping >_> cdfed95
@ttilley ttilley custom-class in UIView 803fc01