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Make UFFI:FOREIGN-ENCODED-OCTET-COUNT evaluate its arguments.

Previously, it was returning an expression, acting like a macro.

Thanks to Nathan Bird for spotting this bug
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sionescu committed Jun 21, 2011
1 parent 39e3e52 commit 99eb5e34dfcac775c62167059e2007238e2da721
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  1. +2 −2 uffi-compat/uffi-compat.lisp
@@ -654,5 +654,5 @@ output to *trace-output*. Returns the shell's exit code."
:encoding (or ,encoding cffi:*default-foreign-encoding*)))
(defun foreign-encoded-octet-count (str &key encoding)
- `(babel:string-size-in-octets
- ,str :encoding (or ,encoding cffi:*default-foreign-encoding*)))
+ (babel:string-size-in-octets
+ str :encoding (or encoding cffi:*default-foreign-encoding*)))

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