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(in-package :opticl)
(defun identity-matrix (n &key (element-type 'double-float))
(let ((the-matrix (make-array (list n n)
:element-type element-type
:initial-element (coerce 0 element-type))))
(let ((one (coerce 1 element-type)))
(dotimes (i n)
(setf (aref the-matrix i i) one)))
(defun horizontal-concatentate-array (a b &key (element-type (array-element-type a)))
(if (= (array-rank a) 2)
(if (= (array-rank b) 2)
(destructuring-bind (a-rows a-columns)
(array-dimensions a)
(destructuring-bind (b-rows b-columns)
(array-dimensions b)
(if (= a-rows b-rows)
(let ((c (make-array
(list a-rows (+ a-columns b-columns))
:element-type element-type)))
(dotimes (i a-rows)
(dotimes (j a-columns)
(setf (aref c i j) (aref a i j))))
(dotimes (i a-rows)
(dotimes (j b-columns)
(setf (aref c i (+ j a-columns)) (aref b i j))))
(error "Arrays dimension 0 must be equal"))))
(error "Array not of rank 2"))
(error "Array not of rank 2")))
(defun array-columns (a column-start column-end &key (element-type (array-element-type a)))
(let ((a-rows (array-dimension a 0)))
(let ((c (make-array
(list a-rows (- column-end column-start))
:element-type element-type)))
(dotimes (i a-rows)
(loop for j below (- column-end column-start)
do (setf (aref c i j) (aref a i (+ column-start j)))))
(defun get-first-non-zero-row-in-col (a column &optional (start 0))
(let ((n (array-dimension a 0)))
(do ((i start (+ i 1)))
((or (= i n)
(not (zerop (aref a i column))))
(unless (= i n) i)))))
(defun swap-rows (a k l)
(let* ((columns (array-dimension a 1)))
(dotimes (j columns)
(let ((temp (aref a k j)))
(setf (aref a k j) (aref a l j))
(setf (aref a l j) temp)))))
(defun invert-matrix (a)
(let* ((columns (array-dimension a 1))
(c (horizontal-concatentate-array a (identity-matrix columns))))
((y 0 (+ y 1)))
((or (= y columns) (not c)))
(let ((z (get-first-non-zero-row-in-col c y y)))
((not z) (setf c nil))
(when (> z y)
(swap-rows c y z))
;; divide row y by diagonal entry y
(loop for i below (ash columns 1)
with denom = (aref c y y)
do (setf (aref c y i) (/ (aref c y i) denom)))
((i 0 (+ i 1)))
((= i columns))
(unless (= i y)
(let ((k (aref c i y)))
(dotimes (j (ash columns 1))
(setf (aref c i j) (+ (aref c i j)
(* (- k) (aref c y j))))))))))))
(if c
(array-columns c columns (+ columns columns))
(error "Matrix not invertible."))))
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