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Unofficial SBCL fork for MS Windows (normally kept in sync with the mainline, intended for eventual merge) featuring threads, AMD64 port, and some I/O subsystem modifications (mostly Windows-specific). Based on threading support by dmitry_vk (with GC safepoints)
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Pull request Compare This branch is 1908 commits ahead, 12 commits behind dmitryvk:enhanced-windows-threads.
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contrib Wine can't stat "/", so let's stat "/." for testing.
doc Typo and other small fixes in the manuals and the man page
git git: add missing git hook scripts from SourceForge
src Merge branch 'master' into mswin
tests Merge branch 'master' into mswin
tools-for-build Merge branch 'master' into mswinmt
.cvsignore canonicalize whitespaces only on updated files
.gitignore .gitignore: Add src/runtime/sparc-funcdef.h
.mailmap a few more .mailmap entries
BUGS documentation work related to move to Launchpad
COPYING typo in COPYING file
CREDITS Revert "SPARC gencgc"
INSTALL clarify the --with-feature and --without-feature syntax in IN…
NEWS Merge branch 'master' into mswin
PRINCIPLES Initial revision
README Remove an OpenBSD note in the README which is no longer necessary.
README.sbcl-win32-threads.txt :qslime fix in standalone binaries
TODO Eliminate FCN as function moniker.
base-target-features.lisp-expr * src/code/gc.lisp (generation): Merge branch 'master' into mswinmt fix for configurable prefixes
branch-version.lisp-expr version bump to distinguish new build
build-order.lisp-expr compiler/sparc/arith: Fix SCs for FAST-EQL{,-C}/FIXNUM. more pedantic
common-lisp-exports.lisp-expr Initial revision Remove non-portable arguments to find, xargs Fix HEAD ref lookups, and compatibility for non-bash shells. * fixing non-windows builds: assign $lncp fix FILL Merge branch 'master' into mswinmt * start determine-endianness invocation with ./ (to b…
make-genesis-1a.lisp Global whitespace normalization
make-genesis-2.lisp * make-genesis-2.lisp: use host-load-stem, not host-cload-stem even on
make-host-1.lisp fix build with clisp 2.49 Clean up build process for cross-compiled targets. Modifications for unix-host and wine-target support.
make-host-2.lisp * make-host-2.lisp (proclaim-target-optimization): disabled Clean up build process for cross-compiled targets. Merge branch 'master' into mswinmt Modifications for unix-host and wine-target support.
make-target-2-load.lisp undefined warning and compilation unit summary tweaking
make-target-2.lisp make-target-2.lisp split into compile and dump phases. Merge branch 'master' into mswinmt Merge branch 'altmergesource' into mswin Merge branch 'master' into mswinmt --help no longer runs
package-data-list.lisp-expr Merge branch 'altmergesource' into mswin
pubring.pgp Initial revision update to my version of reality Merge branch 'master' into mswinmt * (sbcl_pwd): handle pwd for MSYS (use -W option) and other Merge branch 'altmergesource' into mswin A git-only SBCL workflow



Welcome to SBCL.

If you'd like to install or build the system, see the "INSTALL" file.

To find out more about who created the system, see the "CREDITS" file.

If you'd like information about the legalities of copying the system,
see the "COPYING" file.

If you'd like more information about using the system, see the man
page, "sbcl.1", or the user manual in the "doc/manual" subdirectory of
the distribution. (The user manual is maintained as Texinfo in the
source distribution; HTML version is available for download, and
"INSTALL" describes how to build the Texinfo version in HTML and PDF.)

The system is a work in progress. See the "TODO" file in the source
distribution for some highlights.

The "BUGS" file lists current known bugs.

If you'd like to make suggestions, report a bug, or help to improve the
system, please send mail to one of the mailing lists:
Note that as a spam reduction measure you must subscribe to the lists
before you can post.


for NetBSD:
  NetBSD 2.0 and above are required because of the lack of needed
  signal APIs in NetBSD 1.6 and earlier.
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