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set -e
# Create a binary distribution. ( should be run first to create
# the various binary files, and should also be run to
# create the HTML version of the documentation.)
# (Before sbcl-0.6.10, this was run in the sbcl/ directory and created
# a tar file with no directory prefixes. Since sbcl-0.6.10, we've
# switched over to trying to do this the way everyone else does.)
b=${1:?"missing base directory name argument"}
tar -cf $b-binary.tar \
$b/output/sbcl.core $b/src/runtime/sbcl \
$b/ $b/ $b/ $b/ \
$b/doc/sbcl.1 \
$b/pubring.pgp \
$b/contrib/ \
$b/contrib/ \
`for dir in $b/contrib/*; do
if test -d $dir && test -f $dir/test-passed; then
find $dir -name CVS -type d -prune -o \! -type d \! -name '.cvsignore' -print
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