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* Test for the endianness of the target platform (needed for MIPS
* support, at the very least, as systems with either endianness exist
* in the wild).
* This software is part of the SBCL system. See the README file for
* more information.
* While most of SBCL is derived from the CMU CL system, many
* utilities for the build process (like this one) were written from
* scratch after the fork from CMU CL.
* This software is in the public domain and is provided with
* absolutely no warranty. See the COPYING and CREDITS files for
* more information.
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
int main (int argc, char *argv[]) {
int foo = 0x20212223;
char *bar = (char *) &foo;
switch(*bar) {
case ' ':
printf(" :big-endian");
case '#':
printf(" :little-endian");
/* FIXME: How do we do sane error processing in Unix? This
program will be called from a script, in a manner somewhat
tools-for-build/determine-endianness >> $ltf
but what if we have a too-smart C compiler that actually
gets us down to this branch? I suppose that if we have a C
compiler that is that smart, we're doomed to miscompile the
runtime anyway, so we won't get here. Still, it might be
good to have "set -e" in the various scripts so that we can
exit with an error here and have it be caught by the build
tools. -- CSR, 2002-11-24
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