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(setf *print-level* 5 *print-length* 5)
(load "src/cold/shared.lisp")
(in-package "SB-COLD")
(setf *host-obj-prefix* "obj/from-host/"
*target-obj-prefix* "obj/from-xc/")
(load "src/cold/set-up-cold-packages.lisp")
(load "src/cold/defun-load-or-cload-xcompiler.lisp")
(load-or-cload-xcompiler #'host-load-stem)
(defparameter *target-object-file-names*
(with-open-file (s "output/object-filenames-for-genesis.lisp-expr"
:direction :input)
(read s)))
(host-load-stem "src/compiler/generic/genesis" nil)
(sb!vm:genesis :object-file-names *target-object-file-names*
:c-header-dir-name "output/genesis-2"
:symbol-table-file-name "src/runtime/sbcl.nm"
:core-file-name "output/cold-sbcl.core"
;; The map file is not needed by the system, but can be
;; very handy when debugging cold init problems.
:map-file-name "output/")
#+cmu (ext:quit)
#+clisp (ext:quit)
#+abcl (ext:quit)
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