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fix unthreaded build

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1 parent 508bdb8 commit 7c9bae1be633be46bc454bd34f55263b24aafca8 @nikodemus nikodemus committed Sep 16, 2012
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  1. +3 −2 src/code/thread.lisp
5 src/code/thread.lisp
@@ -228,15 +228,16 @@ held mutex, WITH-RECURSIVE-LOCK allows recursive lock attempts to succeed."
(defun call-with-mutex (function mutex value waitp timeout)
- (declare (ignore mutex value waitp timeout)
+ (declare (ignore mutex waitp timeout)
(function function))
(unless (or (null value) (eq *current-thread* value))
(error "~S called with non-nil :VALUE that isn't the current thread."
(funcall function))
(defun call-with-recursive-lock (function mutex waitp timeout)
- (declare (ignore mutex) (function function waitp timeout))
+ (declare (ignore mutex waitp timeout)
+ (function function))
(funcall function))
(defun call-with-recursive-system-lock (function lock)

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