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Mention safepoints in NEWS

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@@ -830,6 +830,7 @@ Raymond Wiker:
INITIALS GLOSSARY (helpful when reading comments, CVS commit logs, etc.)
AB Alastair Bridgewater
+AK Anton Kovalenko
AL Arthur Lemmens
APD Alexey Dejneka
CLH Cyrus Harmon
@@ -6,6 +6,13 @@ changes relative to sbcl-1.0.58:
WAIT-P argument added to WITH-RECURSIVE-LOCK.
* enhancement: SB-EXT:ATOMIC-PUSH and SB-EXT:ATOMIC-POP allow atomic operations
on list heads.
+ * enhancement: Optional features (not enabled by default) allow the
+ use of signals for inter-thread synchronization to be reduced on certain
+ supported platforms (currently Linux, Solaris, and FreeBSD on x86 and
+ x86-64). Set (and :sb-thread :sb-safepoint :sb-thruption :sb-wtimer)
+ to test these experimental features. Known remaining bugs include minor
+ thread safety issues, less timely freeing of memory by GC, and certain
+ (not yet optimally low) runtime overhead. Thanks to Anton Kovalenko.
* optimization: CL:SORT and CL:STABLE-SORT of lists are faster and use fewer
comparisons, particularly on almost-sorted inputs.
* bug fix: Reading floats with large exponents no longer takes too much time

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