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1 parent 13bb6d7 commit 3fe8a354e4e4143a6ca13a715dabc0c1c5cf75c9 William Harold Newman committed Feb 25, 2001
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@@ -70,6 +70,9 @@ FIX:
?? Replace it with a system where fasl output files live in the
same directories as the sources and have names a la
"foo.fasl-from-host and "foo.fasl-from-xc".
+ ?? (Perhaps something else will be required in order to port
+ to Microsoft Windows, since its filesystem doesn't have
+ symbolic links.)
It might be good to use the syntax (DEBUGGER-SPECIAL *PRINT-LEVEL*)
@@ -121,21 +124,6 @@ types, or whatever, and also have no other uses as e.g. flags) and
delete them. This should make the system core a little smaller, but
is mostly useful just to make the source code smaller and simpler.
-The eventual plan is for SBCL to bootstrap itself in two phases. In
-the first phase, the cross-compilation host is any old ANSI Common
-Lisp (not necessarily SBCL) and the cross-compiler won't handle some
-optimizations because the code it uses to implement them is not
-portable. In the second phase, the cross-compilation host will be
-required to be a compatible version of SBCL, and the cross-compiler
-will take advantage of that to implement all optimizations. The
-current version of SBCL only knows how to do the first of those two
-phases, with a fully-portable cross-compiler, so some optimizations
-are not done. Probably the most important consequence of this is that
-because the fully-portable cross-compiler isn't very smart about
-dealing with immediate values which are of specialized array type
-(e.g. (SIMPLE-ARRAY (UNSIGNED-BYTE 4) 1)) the system sometimes has to
-use unnecessarily-general array types internally.
adding new FOPs to provide something like CMU CL's FOP-SYMBOL-SAVE and
FOP-SMALL-SYMBOL-SAVE functionality, so that fasl files will be more
compact. (FOP-SYMBOL-SAVE used *PACKAGE*, which was concise but allowed
2 version.lisp-expr
@@ -15,4 +15,4 @@
;;; versions, and a string like "" is used for versions which
;;; aren't released but correspond only to CVS tags or snapshots.

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