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	release, tagged as sbcl_0_8_10
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1 parent 504948d commit 1a5b9733a520f5a56531109c867c08015e3acd4f William Harold Newman committed Apr 25, 2004
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@@ -637,6 +637,9 @@ Patrik Nordebo:
He contributed to the port of SBCL to MacOS X, finding solutions for
ABI and assembly syntax differences between Darwin and Linux.
+Scott Parish:
+ He ported SBCL to OpenBSD-with-ELF.
Kevin M. Rosenberg:
He provided the ACL-style toplevel (sb-aclrepl contrib module), and
a number of MOP-related bug reports. He also creates the official
2 version.lisp-expr
@@ -17,4 +17,4 @@
;;; checkins which aren't released. (And occasionally for internal
;;; versions, especially for internal versions off the main CVS
;;; branch, it gets hairier, e.g. "0.pre7.14.flaky4.13".)

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