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Commits on Sep 9, 2002

    csrhodes committed Sep 9, 2002
    	Fix DATA-VECTOR-REF-C for small-data vectors on the SPARC (Raymond
    		Toy cmucl-imp 2002-09-06)
    	Fix bugs 47a-c and 171 (from Gerd Moellmann via cmucl-imp)

    William Harold Newman committed Sep 9, 2002
    	corrected BUGS 35 entry as per APD sbcl-devel 2002-08-07
    	merged APD "more strict type checking" patch (sbcl-devel
    		2002-08-08), fixing bug 192a ("free type declarations
    		are promises") and one of the problems lumped into
    		bug 194 (the case of type checking getting lost
    		when THE occurs inside MULTIPLE-VALUE-PROG1)
Commits on Sep 6, 2002

    csrhodes committed Sep 6, 2002
    	Fix error message from (ATAN 1 #C(0 1)) as per Raymond Toy
    		(sbcl-devel "confusing error message" 2002-09-04)

    csrhodes committed Sep 6, 2002
            MIPS fixup
            ... Linux appears to put garbage in the sc_cause sigcontext
                    slot.  So assume that we never trap in a branch delay
                    instruction, and hope for the best.
Commits on Sep 5, 2002

    csrhodes committed Sep 5, 2002
    	Fix bug 113
    	... allow logical hosts to be dumped, as references to the name
    		of the host
    	... test for dumping behaviour
    	Fix bug 174
    	... when the bad directive character has a name, print it as
    		part of the error message
    	Save a massive 20k or so on core size by zapping globaldb
    		entries for cold-init symbols
    	Various text file frobs and comments

    William Harold Newman committed Sep 5, 2002
    	deleted unused SB-PCL machinery pointed out by Gerd Moellman
    		on cmucl-imp: GF-MAKE-FUNCTION-FROM-EMF,

    William Harold Newman committed Sep 5, 2002
    	Nathan Froyd pointed out *another* dumb error in the same
    		function in seq.lisp, so I fixed that too.
    		(2 bugs per 10 lines times 150K lines gives what?)
Commits on Sep 4, 2002

    William Harold Newman committed Sep 4, 2002
    	APD pointed out on sbcl-devel 2002-09-04 that NOT was being
    		called with two arguments in seq.lisp, so fix it.
Commits on Sep 3, 2002

    William Harold Newman committed Sep 3, 2002
    	fixing insufficient-DEFGENERIC-checking problem in my
    		code (pointed out by APD on sbcl-devel)...
    	...added APD test case to tests/clos.impure.lisp
    	...added AUXP value to PARSE-LAMBDA-LIST return values
    	...made CHECK-GF-LAMBDA-LIST check AUXP instead of just
    		checking that AUX list is empty
Commits on Sep 2, 2002

    William Harold Newman committed Sep 2, 2002
    	Work around bug 194 in MIN/MAX type checking by using explicit
    		UNLESS instead of THE. (This is loosely based on
    		Matthew Danish's patch from sbcl-devel, which showed
    		that the explicit type tests in CHECK-TYPE worked where
    		THE did not. I also tried a few experiments based
    		on APD's IDENTITY wrapper workaround for bug 194, but
    		I wasn't immediately successful, and I'm not all that
    		motivated to debug clever workarounds instead of just
    		working to fix a real bug.)
    	more tests of MIN and MAX
    	tried to clarify in response to emu question on IRC

    William Harold Newman committed Sep 2, 2002
    	got rid of SB-PCL::PROCESS-LAMBDA-LIST in favor of reusing
    	Why is PARSE-LAMBDA-LIST in SB-KERNEL? Move it to SB-INT.
    	Now that we rely on ordinary PARSE-LAMBDA-LIST to catch some
    		of the things Alexey's PROCESS-LAMBDA-LIST caught,
    		it should be a little less credulous about things
    		like non-symbols being used as var names.
    	Argh! PARSE-LAMBDA-LIST isn't just used for lambda lists. That
    		would be too obvious.:-( Instead it's also used for
    		"lambda-list-like" things, in PARSE-ARGS-TYPES. So...
    	...Split the no-sanity-checking version of P-L-L into
    	...Make PARSE-ARGS-TYPES call P-L-L-L-THING.
    	...Define PARSE-LAMBDA-LIST in terms of P-L-L-L-THING.
    	ANSI: MAX and MIN "should signal an error of type TYPE-ERROR
    		if any NUMBER is not a REAL". lrasinen on #lisp:
    		"stupid CMUCL". me: "gotta fix this so SBCL can win
    		ICFP next year". (afterthought: "or this year, if
    		you check this patched version out of CVS and then
    		code really fast":-) (extra afterthought: "or maybe
    		next year after all, since bug 194 seems to keep
    		the new THEs from solving the problem")
Commits on Sep 1, 2002

    csrhodes committed Sep 1, 2002
    	Commit MIPS backend
    	... one or two modifications to extant code, as per CSR sbcl-devel
    	... lots of new files

    William Harold Newman committed Sep 1, 2002
    	merged APD bug 122 patch (sbcl-devel 2002-08-30)
    	Tweak seq.impure.lisp test more or less along the lines of
    		APD's explanation of the pathname problem. (SUBSEQ is
    		FLUSHABLE, and validly so. The old test bogusly relied
    		on it not being flushed and/or the compiler not being
    		infernally clever about type inference.)

    csrhodes committed Sep 1, 2002
    	HPPA (CATCH 0 ...) fix
    	sbcl.nm SPARC/Sunos fix (thanks to Antonio Martinez, sbcl-devel
    		2002-08-23) symlinks and NFS fix (Eric Marsden sbcl-devel
Commits on Aug 31, 2002

    William Harold Newman committed Aug 31, 2002
    	merged Nathan Froyd's "various constants in SB-UNIX" patch
    		(sbcl-devel 2002-08-27)

    csrhodes committed Aug 31, 2002
    	Minor HPPA fix
    	... get the SC-OFFSET right for the HPPA port
    	Include APD's test case for the (IF TEST <X> <X>) bogus constraint
    	Note in BUGS about autodeclaration of slot accessors

    William Harold Newman committed Aug 31, 2002
    	ported pmai's version of Gerd Moellman's "Remove
    		PCL::EXTRACT-DECLARATIONS" patch (gm cmucl-imp
    		2002-08-24, pmai cvs diff -D '2002-08-26 16:00 UTC'
    		-D '2002-08-26 16:20 UTC'), to make PCL use the same
    		PARSE-BODY as the rest of the system, instead of
    		reimplementing the wheel.
    	and actually we don't even need PARSE-BODY in DOPLIST as it is
    		currently used, nor ENV either
    	and why the heck is PARSE-BODY in SB!SYS? Move it to SB!INT.
Commits on Aug 27, 2002

    William Harold Newman committed Aug 27, 2002
    	deleted warnings about :WRITER in DEFINE-CONDITION, since
    		antonio martinez pointed out (sbcl-devel 2002-08-22)
    		that they're bogus
    	fixed brain-damaged misparenthesization in debug.lisp (pointed
    		out by CSR on #lisp IRC)
Commits on Aug 26, 2002

    William Harold Newman committed Aug 26, 2002
    	merged APD bug120a patch (sbcl-devel 2002-08-21)
    	deleted "TODO: convert to AVER" note from original patch,
    		replaced it with justification from discussion in
    		cmucl-imp (esp. Alexey's message 2002-08-23)
    	The function has gotten large enough that I really doubt that
    		the DECLAIM INLINE helps, so I deleted it.
Commits on Aug 25, 2002

    William Harold Newman committed Aug 25, 2002
    	added arg type checks to out-of-line 1-arg case of #'+ and
    		#'* (inspired by Gerd Moellman on cmucl-imp)
    	removed stale "egrep -i '\<cgc\>'" stuff
  2. 0.7.7:

    William Harold Newman committed Aug 25, 2002
    	release, tagged as sbcl_0_7_7
Commits on Aug 21, 2002

    csrhodes committed Aug 21, 2002
    	Fix BUGS 123 and 165, somewhat along the lines of CSR sbcl-devel
    		2002-08-20 "(VECTOR UNDEFTYPE)", except also catch the
    		erroneous test in ARRAY-TYPES-INTERSECT.
Commits on Aug 20, 2002

    William Harold Newman committed Aug 20, 2002
    	merged APD "Let-converting recursive lambdas" patch (sbcl-devel
    		2002-08-19), fixing bugs 65, 70, and 109
Commits on Aug 19, 2002

    csrhodes committed Aug 19, 2002
    	Merge (alpha-quality, probably) HPPA/Linux port
    	... added hppa fixups in genesis.lisp
    	... moved disassem-state definition from target-disassem.lisp to
    		disassem.lisp, so building it on the host
    	... lots of new files (thank you, CMUCL)
    	Minor boilerplate cleanups in src/runtime/
Commits on Aug 18, 2002

    William Harold Newman committed Aug 18, 2002
    	comment tweaking
    	fixed bug 192, "constant-folding DATA-VECTOR-REF", by adding an
    		ordinary DEFUN definition of D-V-R
Commits on Aug 15, 2002

    William Harold Newman committed Aug 15, 2002
    	just logging a bug
Commits on Aug 14, 2002

    William Harold Newman committed Aug 14, 2002
    	fixing tonym's GRUFFALO bug (from #lisp)...
    	...made MAKE-INSTANCE-FUNCTION-SYMBOL use two colons whether
    		or not the symbol is currently exported, so that
    		EXPORTing the class name after class definition and
    		before class use doesn't lose track of the function
    	...incremented fasl file format to reflect this
    	(The whole PCL approach of encoding stuff into hairy symbol
    		names interned in odd places is still broken, as can
    		easily be demonstrated by renaming packages. But
    		that's unlikely to be fixed soon, and maybe in the
    		meantime this easy fix can help a little.)

    William Harold Newman committed Aug 14, 2002
    	merged APD patch for bugs 191-b (making gf lambda lists
    		conform to ANSI 3.4.2) from sbcl-devel
    	added tests, and fixed old tests whose brokenness is now
    	(speculated about reusing SB-C:PARSE-LAMBDA-LIST instead of
    		adding new PROCESS-LAMBDA-LIST, but didn't actually
    		actually do that, in favor of checking in something
    		that works and fixes a bug. Maybe next version...)
    	reverted handling of illegal function name in DEFGENERIC
    		(from previous commit) since I guess it should be
    		PROGRAM-ERROR after all

    csrhodes committed Aug 14, 2002
    	No changes; simply adding back the .cvsignore files that I managed
    		to remove. Sorry. :-/

    csrhodes committed Aug 14, 2002
            (I hope this checkin works. I have issued conflicting instructions
                    to do with adding and removal of .cvsignore files, and
                    it's possible that this has confused things. Only the
                    .cvsignore files should be messed up, if anything has
                    gone wrong)
            Merge APD patch for BUG 191a (sbcl-devel 2002-08-12)
            ... s/slots-for-this-defclass/slot-names-for-this-defclass/
            Merge patch from Gerd Moelmann regarding the long form of
                    DEFINE-METHOD-COMBINATION (cmucl-imp 2002-06-18)
            Remove now-unneccessary .cvsignore files (having added a "master"
                    cvsignore file in sbcl's CVSROOT)

    William Harold Newman committed Aug 14, 2002
    	(I set out to suppress compiler macro expansion when
    		(> COMPILATION-SPEED SPEED), but now that I've read
    		the DEFINE-COMPILER-MACRO specification, I think that'd
    		probably be illegal. So I guess I won't.)
    	As far as I can tell from the ANSI spec, it's nonconforming to
    		return NIL from COMPILER-MACRO-FUNCTION just because of
    		a NOTINLINE declaration. So make
    	(I set out to make (DEFINE-COMPILER-MACRO (SETF FOO) ...) work,
    		but gave up, first because (SETF (FOO X) Y) expands
    		into (FUNCALL #'(SETF FOO) Y X) and it's not clear
    		that it's kosher to use compiler macros to transform
    		FUNCALL, and second because ANSI says any
    		compiler macro definition can always be ignored.)
    	made COMPILER-MACRO-FUNCTION check for legal function names
    	factored out LEGAL-FUN-NAME-OR-TYPE-ERROR to support this
    	tiny ANSI-compliance tweak: made
    	various tweaks to *DEBUG-HELP-STRING* (especially to help
    		people avoid messing with restart numbers, ow!)
    	s/make-breakpoint-info/%make-breakpoint-info/, since leaving
    		the traditional default name MAKE-... exposed when you're
    		really supposed to use CREATE-... is an attractive
    	s/code-location-number/code-location-selector/, since it's
    		not necessarily a number
Commits on Aug 13, 2002

    csrhodes committed Aug 13, 2002
    	COMPILE-FILE-PATHNAME behaviour change (ANSI fix, probably)
    	... now with extra juicy MERGE-PATHNAMES logic
    	Fixes related to this change
    	... always absolutify pathnames in SBCL's build procedure
    		(with the TRUENAME-of-a-closed-file-stream trick)
    	... don't wander off into random memory if an arbitrary
    		stream is fed to a pathname function
    	NEWS update

    csrhodes committed Aug 13, 2002
    	... throw a COMPILER-ERROR when attempting to bind a special or
    		a constant with SYMBOL-MACROLET
    	... throw a PROGRAM-ERROR when attempting to run a form
    		compiled with errors
    	(thanks to Raymond Toy and Eric Marsden for their work on the
    		CMUCL side)
Commits on Aug 12, 2002

    csrhodes committed Aug 12, 2002
    	Unabbreviate "variable" used adjectivally
    	... VARIABLE-LENGTH boolean attribute for backend pseudo-instructions
    	... VARIABLE-LENGTH-P slot in primitive object structure
    	Turn on the assembler scheduler for SPARCs
Commits on Aug 9, 2002

    csrhodes committed Aug 9, 2002
    	Fix for stop'n'copy garbage collection
    	... don't unconditionally set current_dynamic_space to be the 0