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Commits on Aug 18, 2004

    csrhodes committed Aug 18, 2004
    	Some bugfixes
    	... make failures of REQUIRE printable.  How did that happen?
    	... patch from Dave Roberts (sbcl-devel 2004-08-18) for
    		sb-bsd-sockets export
    	... fix for ENOUGH-NAMESTRING, allowing :relative pathnames
    		to be namestringized.
  2. Doc'a'tweak

    nikodemus committed Aug 18, 2004
                * Update the asdf.texinfo from upstream so that
                   install-info will work.
                * Nicer html installation hierarchy.

    nikodemus committed Aug 18, 2004
                * Pull asdf.texinfo from upstream; build and install
                   it along with the rest of the documentation.
Commits on Aug 17, 2004
  1. Documentation oops

    nikodemus committed Aug 17, 2004
                * "When putting example snippets in docs,
                   check that they actually work."
  2. Documentation frenzy continues

    nikodemus committed Aug 17, 2004
                * Restructure "Introduction", moving bits of "Beyond
                   ANSI" there.
                * Add a new chapter "Starting and Stopping".
                * Clean up a few minor @xref problems.

    nikodemus committed Aug 17, 2004
                * Make "Threading" a chapter instead of a
                   section. One down, umpteen to go.

    nikodemus committed Aug 17, 2004
                * Slightly less, but hopefully more representative of
    	       reality, documentation for type checking policies.
                * Generally reorganize the Compiler chapter a bit,
                   moving and renaming some sections -- eg. split
                   "Compiler Errors" --> "Compiler Diagnostics" and
                   "Compiler Errors".
                * Back out a bogus lifting of chapter @nodes into
                   sbcl.texinfo which leaked in accidentally.
                * Remove references to INHIBIT-WARNINGS, leaving only
                   a footnote.

    nikodemus committed Aug 17, 2004
                * Include documentation, however sparse, for SB-PROFILE,
                   SB-GRAY, and SB-SIMPLE-STREAMS.
                * Beginnings of restructuring the manual: lift
                   SB-BSD-SOCKETS into a full chapter called "Networking",
                * An unfortunate consequence of the above is that we
                   cannot autogenerate the contrib-doc list anymore, and
                   the contrib documentation structure is less otrhogonal
                   and has tighter coupling to the general manual structure.
                   Since new contribs appear relatively seldom this is
                   hopefully not a big issue.

    csrhodes committed Aug 17, 2004
    	Merge Juho Snellman's bignum-gcd changes (sbcl-devel
Commits on Aug 16, 2004

    csrhodes committed Aug 16, 2004
    	Fix for alpha backend bug revealed by new bit-vector.impure-cload
    	COUNT test
    	... stronger restriction on using immediates in data-vector-set/c
    		for small arrays

    csrhodes committed Aug 16, 2004
    	Implement modular ASH for non-constant positive shifts
    	... make sure that we only apply the transform when we know
    		the shift count won't be misinterpreted...
    	... and also that we don't do the more expensive non-constant
    		shift for constant counts;
    	... punt on some of the cleverness for hppa; all other platforms
    		should be optimal.
    	... one test for something which went wrong in an earlier version.

    csrhodes committed Aug 16, 2004
    	Fix a couple of thinkos in LOGFOO-DERIVE-TYPE-AUX
    	... LOGAND is bounded by either argument, if unsigned;
    	... LOGXOR is negative if precisely one argument is.

    telent committed Aug 16, 2004
    	Fix/bandaid for some more threading problems (though
    	regrettably only the easy ones)
    	... when stopping threads for GC, if kill() fails assume this
    	    is because the thread died after outliving its parent so
    	    nothing was available to set th->state=STATE_DEAD when it
    	    exited.  Mark said thread dead, Ted.
    	    (Note: still doesn't cope with pid recycling.  In the
    	    unlikely-unless-malefactor-involved case that a pid
    	    previously used for a thread died after its parent and now
    	    belongs to an unrelated process which the current user has
    	    permission to kill it, it will probably die in the next
    	    GC.  Exploits on a postcasrd to the usual address, please)
    	... interrupt_thread() now checks that the thread is one we
    	    know about (instead of just some random other process)
    	    and refuses to kill if it's not.  INTERRUPT-THREAD now
    	    catches this and other errors from kill() and signals a
    	    more useful condition than the provious "unexpected system
    	    call failure"
            ... only the parent of a thread can identify whether it is a
                zombie, which it should usually do when it gets a
                SIG_THREAD_EXIT.  It's possible that this signal may go
                missing if delivered during pseudoatomic or similar, so
                for the sake of being able to GC we ask each thread to
                check its children again in the stop_for_gc_handler before
                going to sleep
    	Thread documentation update based on the LSM lightning talk

    csrhodes committed Aug 16, 2004
    	Refactor bignum-truncate (from Juho Snellman sbcl-devel
    	"Re: bignum-gcd" 2004-08-10)
    	... no more *TRUNCATE-{X,Y}*

    csrhodes committed Aug 16, 2004
    	Restore Darwin buildability
    	... put sbcl.h before runtime.h in ppc-darwin-mkrospace.c.
    	It would be nice if a compilation failure in ppc-darwin-mkrospace
    	caused the build to abort, but I don't know if make is rich enough
    	to express that in conjunction with the fact that compiling it is
    	not necessary on non-ppc/darwin platforms.
Commits on Aug 14, 2004

    Nathan Froyd
    Nathan Froyd committed Aug 14, 2004
    	Fix Debian bug #265644: was a little overzealous in adding
    	  #!+#. conditionals for 32/64-bit behavior differences.
  2. Sparc fixage

    nikodemus committed Aug 14, 2004
                * Merge the GC patch from Nathan Froyd that fixes
                   the recent build problems on Sparc.
Commits on Aug 13, 2004

    rudi committed Aug 13, 2004
      Fix peek-char, make sb-simple-streams compile
        ... If this checkin is broken again, it's brown-paper-bag time, I
Commits on Aug 11, 2004

    csrhodes committed Aug 11, 2004
    	Fix up the COUNT bitvector transform.  Already caught by the
    	test suite.

    csrhodes committed Aug 11, 2004
    	Fix for PPRINT-LOGICAL-BLOCK: signal type-error if :PREFIX or
    	:PER-LINE-PREFIX doesn't evaluate to a string.

    csrhodes committed Aug 11, 2004
    	Fix FILL simple-base-string transform with non-constant item
Commits on Aug 10, 2004

    csrhodes committed Aug 10, 2004
    	Fix for (gcd 1 10000000000000000000000) problem (returning a
    	small bignum)
    	... %normalize the thing if it has length 1 (all other lengths
    		are automatically catered for);
    	... include automatically generated tests.

    Nathan Froyd
    Nathan Froyd committed Aug 10, 2004
    	I really mean it this time.

    Nathan Froyd
    Nathan Froyd committed Aug 10, 2004
    	Oops.  Emacs auto-reindenting didn't play well with
    	  package-data-list; fix various problems caused by Emacs.

    Nathan Froyd
    Nathan Froyd committed Aug 10, 2004
    	Define an appropriate primitive type alias for SB!C::RAW-VECTOR;
    	  the src/compiler/*/array.lisp changes from a version or two
    	  ago should now build properly (thanks to Xophe for the alias
    	Merge changes to package-data-list.lisp-expr, including support
    	  for various 32/64-bit-isms which have not yet landed.

    nikodemus committed Aug 10, 2004
                * Reindent package-data-list.lisp-expr so that Emacs
                   agrees with the indentation. No actual changes to

    csrhodes committed Aug 10, 2004
    	Fix for PRINC-TO-STRING/*PRINT-READABLY* interaction

    Nathan Froyd
    Nathan Froyd committed Aug 10, 2004
    	%RAW-{REF,SET}-FOO actually operates on a RAW-VECTOR; make the
    	  VOP definitions reflect this fact.
    	Note that this change undoubtedly breaks x86-64, since the
    	  appropriate VOPs haven't been defined for that particular

    Nathan Froyd
    Nathan Froyd committed Aug 10, 2004
    	Oops.  Fix a few thinkos in VM-independent transformations.

    rudi committed Aug 10, 2004
      Remove cut'n'pasted (and outdated) code from sb-simple-streams:
      * Create inline ansi-stream-read-char & friends in
        (target-)stream.lisp, use them from read-char etc.
      * Use sb-impl::ansi-stream-read-char etc in simple-streams too.

    Nathan Froyd
    Nathan Froyd committed Aug 10, 2004
    	Fix 32/64-bit issues with VM-independent transforms

    Nathan Froyd
    Nathan Froyd committed Aug 10, 2004
    	The quest for a real 64-bit port continues:
    	* add logic for 64-bit friendly specialized array types (although
    	  the appropriate getter and setter VOPs may not be written);
    	* add widetags for the same and attempt to preserve binary
    	  compatibility by not moving around the widetags for existing
    	  32-bit ports;
    	* modify bits of the garbage collector to handle the same, mostly
    	  in scavenging and friends.  The garbage collector has not been
    	  reviewed (yet) for 64-bit cleanness;
    	* export symbols for 64-bit friendly specialized array types
    	  from appropriate packages (but note KLUDGE in package-data-list);
    	* export several Lisp-determined constants in SB!VM to C-land.
    	  Since they are no longer hard-coded in the C source files,
    	  rearrange headers to #include sbcl.h as the first user-defined
    	  header to ensure constants are recognized in other header files;
    	* remove 32-bit assumptions from NWORDS in the garbage collector
    	  and remove duplicate definitions from various places.
Commits on Aug 9, 2004
  1. More verbosity and a BUG

    nikodemus committed Aug 9, 2004
                * Add more informative output to, to direct
                   users to build the manual and use
                * Record a bug from #lisp.

    csrhodes committed Aug 9, 2004
    	... OK, do the ugly thing that seems to be specified in ANSI:
    		include spaces even in illogical places.
    	... also delete the conditional newlines, even though they
    		claimed to have been removed in  Weird.

    csrhodes committed Aug 9, 2004
    	One more FORMAT bug for today.
    	... in ~@< ~@:>, do not induce :FILL newlines for the spaces
    		following ~<Newline>.