Switch branches/tags
Commits on Sep 21, 2004

    csrhodes committed Sep 21, 2004
    	"Once is forgivable: twice is punishable"
    	Restore buildability on PPC (Eric Marsden sbcl-devel 2004-09-21)
    	... EXTERN-ALIEN-NAME logic;
    	... also restore self-buildability from a character_branch
    		build: if we're always dumping every kind of string as a
    		base-string, we should make the declarations reflect
Commits on Sep 20, 2004

    csrhodes committed Sep 20, 2004
    	"It's all part of the learning experience"
    	Preparation for widening CHARACTER.
    	... rewrite SYMBOLICATE to avoid needing the type system early;
    		instead essentially provide a specialized
    	... slightly frob the CONCATENATE and REPLACE transforms
    		(removing the REPLACE one completely for character
    		strings, until the widening occurs).

    csrhodes committed Sep 20, 2004
    	"You'll make plenty of new friends in no time at all"
    	Make the cross-compiler dump all constant strings as
    	... cross-compiler TYPE-OF, TYPEP and friends informed of this
    		logic.  (So a host string -- of any type -- will be
    		SB!XC:TYPEP BASE-STRING even if it's not CL:TYPEP
    	... character-string dumping functions can be moved into
    	... genesis should never see CHARACTER-STRING-FOP.
Commits on Sep 19, 2004

    csrhodes committed Sep 19, 2004
    	"Try it.  You might like it."
    	Oops.  Oops oops oops.
    	... fix amusingly wrong untested portion of last checkin.
Commits on Sep 17, 2004

    csrhodes committed Sep 17, 2004
    	"Are you a man or a mouse?"
    	Fix (FSVO "fix") remaining data structures scaling linearly with
    	... all defined format directives are base-char (but allow
    		construction of directives with characters)
    	... hack SYMBOL-QUOTEP into vague submission, but note that it
    		is in fact hideously buggy and needs a complete rewrite.
Commits on Sep 16, 2004

    csrhodes committed Sep 16, 2004
    	"No need to cry; it's just a scratch"
    	Fix output-utf8-bytes.  'Twas broken.

    csrhodes committed Sep 16, 2004
    	"Stop spending all your time with your nose in a book!"
    	Make the reader and readtable scalable.
    	... attribute-array and macro-array for base-chars;
    	... attribute-hash-table and macro-hash-table for
    	... adjust getters and setters in the reader to match.

    csrhodes committed Sep 16, 2004
    	"When I was young, down at the coalface..."
    	Slight fixes and refactorings
    	... define and use BASE-CHAR-CODE-LIMIT
    	... make out-of-line CHAR-CODE work on CHARACTERS (oops)
    	... make compiled CODE-CHAR work on BASE-CHARs (oops)

    csrhodes committed Sep 16, 2004
    	"Television?  Television?!"
    	Select external-format when given :DEFAULT based on
    	... setlocale() in main;
    	... nl_langinfo/CODESET in ldso-stubs/grovel-headers;
    	... TYPE-WARNING in cross-condition to help me debug my
    		warnings.  This will be fixed properly soon in mainline.
Commits on Sep 15, 2004

    csrhodes committed Sep 15, 2004
    	"We had to make our own entertainment"
    	Commit (untested) utf8 external format for fd-streams.
Commits on Sep 13, 2004

    csrhodes committed Sep 13, 2004
    	"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger"
    	Characters with codes 128-255 are now defined to be Latin-1 (or,
    	equivalently, the character set currently supported consists of
    	the first 256 characters of Unicode).  Mostly from Teemu Kalvas.
    	... include character data (in binary form, added with -kb);
    	... make (simple-array (unsigned-byte 8) (*)) literals dumpable
    		by the cross-compiler;
    	... define names for (character-set '((#xa0 . #xbf)));
    	... test for char-name/graphic-char-p consistency.
    	Note: ucd.lisp is not used anywhere; it's included for interest
    	and because the method of generating the character database for
    	the core might change.
Commits on Sep 8, 2004

    csrhodes committed Sep 8, 2004
    	"You'll stay there until you clear your plate"
    	Fix the dumper to treat similarity of strings correctly
    	... MORE TESTS.
Commits on Sep 7, 2004

    csrhodes committed Sep 7, 2004
    	"A brisk walk up the mountain"
    	Make GENESIS use SB!XC:CHAR-CODE for dumping strings
    	... this means we need to be careful to avoid putting tabs in
    		our string constants.  Such tabs are theoretically
    		non-portable anyway.  Much of this diff involves tab
    	... note possible strategies for the other half of this
    		equation: making GENESIS and the cross-compiler dump
    		BASE-STRINGs only.  This work will probably be delayed
    		until (VECTOR CHARACTER) is in fact wider than
    		BASE-STRING, for ease of detecting whether something's

    csrhodes committed Sep 7, 2004
    	"Go to your room, young man"
    	Fix (for x86) the base-string/string interactions in
    	... and remove the #.(coerce "foo" 'base-string) monstrosities
    		that were introduced to deal with this.
    	... some remain, because they're there to deal with
    		SB-UNIX:UNIX-FOO requiring base strings.

    csrhodes committed Sep 7, 2004
    	"Just what the little chap needs"
    	Reintroduce SB-KERNEL:BASE-CHAR-P
Commits on Sep 2, 2004

    csrhodes committed Sep 2, 2004
    	"It's an early bath for you"
    	Probably fix (in at least one sense of the word) performance on
    	... also note ppcization of work so far.  (Thanks, Julian
    	Squires and Patrik Nordebo)

    patrikn committed Sep 2, 2004
            * Patch from Julian Squires:
              * More string types for PPC
Commits on Aug 26, 2004

    csrhodes committed Aug 26, 2004
    	"This behaviour is unacceptable"
    	Make the new sbcl (with CHARACTER != BASE-CHAR) build itself
    	... ensure that alien interfaces coerce (vector character)
    		objects to simple-base-string where necessary;
    	... decorate the source with a little of the
    		#.(coerce "foo" 'base-string), when a base string
    		is absolutely required;
    		mostly to help me debug problems.  This may well be
    		changed later.
    	... one or two more filesystem base-string/string fixes.

    csrhodes committed Aug 26, 2004
    	"Uphill.  In the snow."
    	Add a couple more things to TODO.character

    csrhodes committed Aug 26, 2004
    	"Put some elbow grease in"
    	Fixes for things revealed by gcl/ansi-tests.  Some other tests
    	fail (that don't in HEAD) but I believe they're ansi-tests
Commits on Aug 25, 2004

    csrhodes committed Aug 25, 2004
    	"Puts some hair on your chest"
    	Fix things revealed by sbcl's test suite
    	... stop the reader from digging about in stream internals;
    	... don't enforce readability when writing the fasl header;
    	... EQUAL is not perforce NIL on strings of different
    		array element type;
    	... add a little more sequence testing.

    csrhodes committed Aug 25, 2004
    	"It's all in the mind"
    	Since otherwise I'm liable to forget where I'm going, add my
    	TODO.character file to the branch.

    csrhodes committed Aug 25, 2004
    	"Nothing like the bracing sea air"
    	Implement separation of BASE-CHAR (= ASCII) and CHARACTER.
    	... CHAR-CODE-LIMIT is still 255
    	... BASE-CHAR is (CHARACTER-SET '((0 . 127)))
    	... new widetags COMPLEX-CHARACTER-STRING and
    		SIMPLE-CHARACTER-STRING (including runtime support,
    		compiler/x86/array.lisp, etc.)
    	... a whole slew of BASE-STRING/(VECTOR CHARACTER) fixes,
    		including but not limited to
    		* packages
    		* pathnames
    		* sb-unix (and clients)
    		* sb-alien
    		* streams
    		* fasl dumper/loader
    		(some of these might want to be cherry-picked to HEAD,
    		depending on how long this branch lives)
    	... minor tweak to sb-simple-streams so that all contribs pass
    	This has not yet been tested either against sbcl's own test
    	suite or against Paul Dietz' gcl/ansi-tests
Commits on Aug 24, 2004

    csrhodes committed Aug 24, 2004
    	"A good flogging never hurt anyone"
    	Implement CHARACTER-SET to replace CHARACTER-RANGE
    	... builds, passes all tests (including some extra bonus ones),
    		builds all contribs.
Commits on Aug 23, 2004

    csrhodes committed Aug 23, 2004
    	"Pull your socks up"
    	Zeroth draft of teaching the type system about character sets:
    	implement CHARACTER subtypes as CHARACTER-RANGE.
    	... builds, passes all tests, builds all contribs;
    	... zeroth draft because it makes types such as
    		(member #\a #\c #\e) unparse uglily.  Probably I
    		actually want a CHARACTER-SET representation

    csrhodes committed Aug 23, 2004
    	renamings in the x86 backend for SCs and the like)
    	... all tests pass, all contribs build.
Commits on Aug 18, 2004

    csrhodes committed Aug 18, 2004
    	Some bugfixes
    	... make failures of REQUIRE printable.  How did that happen?
    	... patch from Dave Roberts (sbcl-devel 2004-08-18) for
    		sb-bsd-sockets export
    	... fix for ENOUGH-NAMESTRING, allowing :relative pathnames
    		to be namestringized.
  2. Doc'a'tweak

    nikodemus committed Aug 18, 2004
                * Update the asdf.texinfo from upstream so that
                   install-info will work.
                * Nicer html installation hierarchy.

    nikodemus committed Aug 18, 2004
                * Pull asdf.texinfo from upstream; build and install
                   it along with the rest of the documentation.
Commits on Aug 17, 2004
  1. Documentation oops

    nikodemus committed Aug 17, 2004
                * "When putting example snippets in docs,
                   check that they actually work."
  2. Documentation frenzy continues

    nikodemus committed Aug 17, 2004
                * Restructure "Introduction", moving bits of "Beyond
                   ANSI" there.
                * Add a new chapter "Starting and Stopping".
                * Clean up a few minor @xref problems.

    nikodemus committed Aug 17, 2004
                * Make "Threading" a chapter instead of a
                   section. One down, umpteen to go.

    nikodemus committed Aug 17, 2004
                * Slightly less, but hopefully more representative of
    	       reality, documentation for type checking policies.
                * Generally reorganize the Compiler chapter a bit,
                   moving and renaming some sections -- eg. split
                   "Compiler Errors" --> "Compiler Diagnostics" and
                   "Compiler Errors".
                * Back out a bogus lifting of chapter @nodes into
                   sbcl.texinfo which leaked in accidentally.
                * Remove references to INHIBIT-WARNINGS, leaving only
                   a footnote.

    nikodemus committed Aug 17, 2004
                * Include documentation, however sparse, for SB-PROFILE,
                   SB-GRAY, and SB-SIMPLE-STREAMS.
                * Beginnings of restructuring the manual: lift
                   SB-BSD-SOCKETS into a full chapter called "Networking",
                * An unfortunate consequence of the above is that we
                   cannot autogenerate the contrib-doc list anymore, and
                   the contrib documentation structure is less otrhogonal
                   and has tighter coupling to the general manual structure.
                   Since new contribs appear relatively seldom this is
                   hopefully not a big issue.

    csrhodes committed Aug 17, 2004
    	Merge Juho Snellman's bignum-gcd changes (sbcl-devel