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Commits on Feb 27, 2003
  1. New files

    telent committed Feb 27, 2003

    	Committed patch for gencgc refactoring based on work done
    	on threads branch.
    	... to make header file management a lot simpler, and allow
    	the use of interesting typedefs in genesis :C-TYPE slot
    	options, we split runtime.h into lots of smaller files that
    	can be (semi-)independently included.
    	... all GC and GCish functions now have the same interface,
    	so no need for (eq *internal-gc* #'collect-garbage) test in
    	... current_region_end_addr and current_region_free_pointer
    	go away, eliminating potential for weird bugs when they're
    	not synchronized properly.  Yay OAOO
    	... disabled (actually, removed) inline allocation, as it
    	depended on old current_region_* (see above) and appears
    	to make not a lot of actual difference to run times anyway
    	pseudo-atomic support is now always compiled in.  I can see
    	no good reason for not having it
    	... much code in alloc() collapsed.  Also alloc() no longer
    	attempts to drop its PA and do a collection in the middle of
    	allocation - instead it uses the existing maybe_gc flag to
    	indicate that collection should happen when the allocation is
    	done.  Possibly this has bad effects when trying to allocate
    	an object bigger than available dynamic space, but that would
    	fit if a GC were done first.  Given the (complete lack of)
    	error handling for out-of-memory conditions in this and all
    	previous SBCL versions, it would be a foolish programmer who
    	was depending on this anyway, though.
    telent committed Feb 27, 2003
Commits on Feb 26, 2003

            Fix the bug 239.
    Alexey Dejneka committed Feb 26, 2003

    	RUN-PROGRAM fixes: make the :pty option actually work (even on
    	other-than-BSD systems) and run-program.lisp rather shorter in
    	the process.
    telent committed Feb 26, 2003

    	Remove all #+mp/#-mp conditionals, and rid the world of the
    	SB!MP package
    telent committed Feb 26, 2003

    	Small refactor to OOAO-ize find-restart-or-lose
    telent committed Feb 26, 2003
  5. 0.7.13:

    	release, tagged as sbcl_0_7_13
    William Harold Newman committed Feb 26, 2003
Commits on Feb 25, 2003

    	new bug reports from Antonio Martinez
    William Harold Newman committed Feb 25, 2003
Commits on Feb 24, 2003

    	Revert accidental bsd-sockets/solaris breakage
    telent committed Feb 24, 2003

    	Add :force t to asdf-dependent contrib modules
    	Change to rename old binary/core files instead of
    	copying them - does not kill running SBCL programs in such a
    	gruseome way
    	Create $SBCL_HOME/site-systems in
    	... OK, that's IT, I am DONE for 0.7.13
    telent committed Feb 24, 2003
Commits on Feb 23, 2003

    	merged Matthew Danish patch (sbcl-devel Feb 18) fixing eval
    		order and ONCE-ONLYness for function args (my
    		contribution to the "what have we here?" theme of
    		the intercontinental party we're holding to celebrate
    		today's nonrelease:-)
    William Harold Newman committed Feb 23, 2003

    	doc fixes, some from #lisp...
    	...emu pointed out where arg order stuff for :TEST functions
    		is specified.
    	...dan-b found a much-less-hackish !ENTITY for the manual.
    William Harold Newman committed Feb 23, 2003

    	Eleventh hour accommodation to Solaris sh(1)
    	... export FOO=bar -> FOO=bar; export FOO
    	... more test -e -> test -f
    	... b=${1:?foo bar} -> b=${1:?"foo bar"}
    	... yay for portable shell programmes.
    csrhodes committed Feb 23, 2003
Commits on Feb 22, 2003

    	Fix SunOS build as per sbcl-devel 2003-03-22
    	... remove last bashism in build scripts;
    	... allow building of foreign loading on SunOS;
    	... frob sb-bsd-sockets tests so that they pass on SunOS even in the
    		absence of a /dev/log socket.
    csrhodes committed Feb 22, 2003
Commits on Feb 21, 2003

    	contrib support for "standalone executables" using shell script
    	magic.   See sb-executable:make-executable docstring for usage
    	contrib/scriptoids was a three year old mail message describing
    	a similar but slightly less cool way to do the same thing
    telent committed Feb 21, 2003

    	Remove -mcpu option from Alpha configuration, so we generate
    	a binary that older (pre-ev5) machines can also run
    telent committed Feb 21, 2003

    	It's easier to port a shell than a shell script. -- Larry Wall
    	Contrib-related fixes -
    	... multiple uses of test -e are now test -f
    	... don't run make test in install, it's more work than we
    	    want to do as root
    	... instead, touch $i/test-passed in
                (if, indeed, it has) and test for presence of that file
    	    when installing
    	... Rationalise AF-* constants in sb-bsd-sockets: AF-LOCAL
                is the One True Name.
    	... In sb-bsd-sockets build, don't hardcode gcc to be in /usr/bin
    telent committed Feb 21, 2003
Commits on Feb 20, 2003

            Incremented fasl file version number due to the change in the
            DEFSTRUCT-SLOT-DESCRIPTION structure in
    Alexey Dejneka committed Feb 20, 2003
Commits on Feb 19, 2003

    	Pre-freeze fix inclusions
    	... merge patch from Tony Martinez for CONCATENATED-STREAM
    		misbehaviour (sbcl-devel 2003-02-10)
    	... include test from sbcl-devel 2003-02-15
    csrhodes committed Feb 19, 2003

    	Merge patch from Gerd for improvement to SB-PCL:FIND-CLASS.
    	... propagate information through the braid
    		should agree, even on BUILT-IN-CLASS classes
    	Merge patch from Gerd for DISASSEMBLE/COMPILED-FUN-OR-LOSE
    	... allow generalized function names
    	Also audit the rest of the codebase (by grep for "'setf") and
    		fix issues revealed
    	... EVAL (not actually a real bug)
    	... %DEFKNOWN
    	... LOOP (in possibly dead code, though)
    csrhodes committed Feb 19, 2003

    	Probably last contrib frob in this release cycle
    	... ensure that SBCL_HOME is set even if an explicit core is
    	The intent behind this change is to make
    		sbcl --core /usr/lib/sbcl/sbcl.core
    	identical in effect to
    	so that both invokations can continue to find contrib
    	packages in /usr/lib/sbcl/<foo>/
    csrhodes committed Feb 19, 2003
Commits on Feb 18, 2003

    	Fix special operator status of DECLARE
    	... DECLARE no longer returns T to SPECIAL-OPERATOR-P
    csrhodes committed Feb 18, 2003

    	More contrib/ fixing
    	... update asdf to latest "upstream"
    	... provide for user- and site-installed systems in asdf REQUIRE
    		hook (in $HOME/.sbcl/systems/ and
    		$SBCL_HOME/site-systems/ respectively)
    csrhodes committed Feb 18, 2003

    	contrib/ adjustments
    	... make aware of contrib/
    	... we run $gnumake test before $gnumake install ourselves, so
    		don't make the install target depend on test
    csrhodes committed Feb 18, 2003

    	A couple of minor fixes for bugs caught by Paul Dietz' test
    	... adjust source transform for CONSTANTLY to return a
    		side-effect-free function;
    	... OTHERWISE only introduces an otherwise-clause in TYPECASE if
    		it's the last clause;
    	... while I'm frobbing TYPECASE, make the style-warning format
    		string such that output is pretty.
    	... NEWS update
    csrhodes committed Feb 18, 2003

    	Yet more type system fixes:
    		distribute NOT over CONS types
    	... put *EMPTY-TYPE*-handling logic inside MAKE-CONS-TYPE
    	... fixes:
                (subtypep '(and cons (not (cons symbol integer)))
    		      '(or (cons (not symbol) *) (cons * (not integer)))
    		unravel some INTEGER/RATIONAL schizophrenia
    	... (RATIONAL 0 0) is completely equivalent to (INTEGER 0 0)
    	... fixes:
    	    (subtypep '(rational 0 10) '(or (eql 0) (rational (0) 10)))
    	... does not fix:
                (subtypep '(not (rational -1/2 1/2)) '(not (integer 0 0)))
    csrhodes committed Feb 18, 2003
Commits on Feb 17, 2003

    	Fixed a stupid bug in the NOT type translator, revealed by Paul
    		Dietz' suite:
    	... properly invert the bound: if it's a CONS, take the CAR;
    	... now we understand (NOT (RATIONAL (0) (10)) a bit better.
    csrhodes committed Feb 17, 2003

    	Refactor some of the type system:
    	... new TYPE-CLASS: NEGATION, for representation of (NOT FOO)
    	Also add a few smarts to the existing type system
    	... give up slightly less often in INTERSECTION-COMPLEX-UNION2
    	... now that we have a distinct NEGATION class, it's possible to
    		write sensible UNION and INTERSECTION methods for those,
    	Fixes:  (SUBTYPEP T (OR REAL (NOT REAL))),
    csrhodes committed Feb 17, 2003
Commits on Feb 15, 2003

    	PCL accessors/SLOT-MISSING fixes:
    	Remove some package fragility of generated accessor functions
    	... define a new generalized function name class:
    	... s/SLOT-READER-SYMBOL/SLOT-READER-NAME/, and use the new
    		generalized function names
    		can go away
    	Ensure that SLOT-MISSING is called in all required situations.
    	The easy way would just have been to adjust ASV-FUNCALL	slightly,
    		but that would have been no fun, so include an
    		optimization due to Gerd Moellmann:
    	... new LOAD-TIME-VALUE logic that ensures that the relevant
    		accessor name is always FBOUNDP, so the FBOUNDP check
    		can be elided at runtime
    	By this stage, it's all working, but
    	... while we're at it, also include the
    		ASV-FUNCALL-as-was/ENSURE-ACCESSOR optimization for
    		SLOT-BOUNDP, which was not included in historical PCL.
    	... also, ensure that fast discriminating functions are
    		constructed, conditional on
    		*OPTIMIZE-CACHE-FUNCTIONS-P*: eventually, this can
    		probably be made either unconditional or conditional on
    		the compilation policy when a generic function is
    	Include a simple test for SLOT-MISSING behaviour.
    	... this version has also been tested against Gerd Moellmann's
    		test suite, with no regressions found.
    csrhodes committed Feb 15, 2003
Commits on Feb 14, 2003

            New compiler bug.
    Alexey Dejneka committed Feb 14, 2003
Commits on Feb 11, 2003

    	More patching
    	... $gnumake everywhere
    	... ${GNUMAKE} not $(GNUMAKE}
    	Export FUN-INFO-DERIVE-TYPE and friends
    	... now DEFOPTIMIZER can work in any package that uses SB-C
    	Install new contrib: SB-ROTATE-BYTE
    	... implements <>
    	... has compiler logic to do so efficiently for (byte 32 0) on
    		x86: see the README.
    csrhodes committed Feb 11, 2003
Commits on Feb 10, 2003

    	and the rest ...
    telent committed Feb 10, 2003

    	make is not always gmake.  Apply patch from Raymond Wiker
    	in sbcl-devel message of 10 Feb 2003
    telent committed Feb 10, 2003

    	Some easy fixes:
    	... SYMBOL-FUNCTION returns a function in our implementation
    		(Robert E. Brown sbcl-devel 2003-02-06)
    	... READ-DELIMITED-LIST returns a list
    		(Tony Martinez sbcl-devel 2003-02-09)
    	... make src/cold/chill.lisp loadable from anywhere
    		(Rudi Schlatte sbcl-devel 2003-02-09)
    	Also frob NEWS: put exciting things such as incompatible changes
    		and new contrib at the top of the section.
    csrhodes committed Feb 10, 2003
Commits on Feb 9, 2003

    	Fix sb-db-sockets.asd components
    	Add semi-automatically generated docn for it (index.html)
    telent committed Feb 9, 2003