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Tag: sbcl.0.8.15
Commits on Sep 29, 2004
  1. 0.8.15:

    William Harold Newman authored
    	some trivial text fixes (like s/the the/the/)
    	release, tagged as sbcl_0_8_15
Commits on Sep 28, 2004
  1. @antifuchs

    antifuchs authored
    	One last fix before the release: make REMOVE-DUPLICATES :START work
    	* Fix due to Peter Graves and the Sacla test suite
    	* Also add a test case for that and DELETE-DUPLICATES, while we're
    	  at it.
Commits on Sep 26, 2004

    William Harold Newman authored
    	merged Brian Mastenbrook's fix for SBCL build on OS X
    	broke some long lines (turning 1-liner into slightly
    	  nontrivial-looking patch, alas)
Commits on Sep 19, 2004

    William Harold Newman authored
    	"not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is
    	nothing more to be taken away"
    	deleted old DocBook manual sources
    	deleted references to DocBook manual sources (in DOCDOC and and so forth)
    	minor tidying of doc-building and doc/-cleaning machinery
    		(hopefully leaving it working basically as before)

    William Harold Newman authored
    	"not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is
    	nothing more to be taken away"
    	deleted old DocBook manual sources
    	deleted references to DocBook manual sources (in DOCDOC and and so forth)
    	minor tidying of doc-building and doc/-cleaning machinery
    		(hopefully leaving it working basically as before)
  3. @csrhodes

    csrhodes authored
    	Fix for "Strange bug in MOP" (R. Mattes sbcl-help 2004-09-15)
    	... we need the CPL before the class has been fully finalized;
    	... can't use SLOT-BOUNDP (see note in CPL-OR-NIL);
    	... define new slot in class to hold boundp information.
Commits on Sep 15, 2004
  1. @csrhodes

    csrhodes authored
    	Add references to the FORMAT subsystem
    	... make FORMAT-ERROR inherit from REFERENCE-CONDITION;
    	... make REFERENCE-CONDITION exist on the host, with
    		more-or-less the same interface (though no printing);
    	... elide printing "See also: " if we have a reference condition
    		but no references.  (This change in a
    		REFERENCE-CONDITION's contract is probably going to
    		irritate our friends in the slime world...);
    	... decorate format-related logic with :REFERENCES initargs.
  2. @csrhodes

    csrhodes authored
    	Fix for ~<~:;~> and ~W/~I/~:T/~_/~<~:> interaction in CLHS
Commits on Sep 14, 2004
  1. @nikodemus En Garde!

    nikodemus authored
                * Robuster control stack exhaustion handling:
                   automagically reprotect the guard-page after enough
                   stack has unwound.
                * Simple stress tests for this.
  2. @csrhodes

    csrhodes authored
    	Attempt to fix the fixnump()-related problems in the runtime.
    	This version Works For Me, but then so did the old one...
  3. @csrhodes

    csrhodes authored
    	Fix spurious code deletion notes from PPRINT-LOGICAL-BLOCK
  4. @nikodemus oops

    nikodemus authored
                * Clean up bogus character from docstring
                   of LOAD-SHARED-OBJECT, which made cvs think
                   it was a binary file. *blush*
  5. @nikodemus Documentation madness, yet again

    nikodemus authored
                * Merge a partial rewrite of the docstring extractor,
                   capable of handling a few more cases and providing
                   nicer xref-names: @xref{Macro common-lisp:trace}
                   instead of @xref{macro-common-lisp-trace}.
                * Reformat a few docstrings for nicer display.
                * Add documentation for LOAD-SHARED-OBJECT to the manual.
                * Move SAVE-LISP-AND-DIE to "Starting and Stopping"
                   chapter. Say bye-bye to "Interface to Low-level
                * Extract the version number for the manual from
                   the SBCL the docstrings are pulled from, not

    Alexey Dejneka authored
            * Quick fix: disable insertion of stepping forms in
              FILTER-LVAR. (The proper way would be to rename
              use it to disable insertion of stepping forms into
              internally generated code, but first I'd like to restore
              SLIME compilability.)
Commits on Sep 13, 2004
  1. @nikodemus non-x86 %listify-rest-args fixes

    nikodemus authored
                * Fix buildabillity on non-x86 arches. Tested only on
                   sparc, though.

    Alexey Dejneka authored
            * Fix MISC.391.
  3. @nikodemus Zipper Up

    nikodemus authored
                * Fix deftype lambda-list parsing to bind unsupplied
                   keyword parameters to * instead of NIL if no initform
                   was supplied -- only one of the four cases used to be
                   handled correctly. Reported by Johan Bockg�rd on #lisp
                * Fix #347: define-compiler-macro lambda-list parsing
                   binds correctly when FUNCALL appears as the car of the
                   form (port of Raymond Toy's fix for the same from
                   CMUCL). Also reported by Johan Bockg�rd.
                * In course of fixing the latter, make simple but
                   philosophically profound change to parse-defmacro: what
                   was error-kind is now thought of as a context marker.
                * Tests, tests, tests
  4. sbcl-

    Alexey Dejneka authored
            * Provide stubs for %%POP-DX and %%NIP-DX.
  5. @nikodemus Two commits for the price of one

    nikodemus authored
                * Clean up indentation of IR1-CONVERT
                * NEWS entry about single stepping.
  6. @nikodemus Step SBCL, step!

    nikodemus authored
                * Merge the new intrumentation based single stepper,
                   excise stale breakpoint code for STEP; TRACE breakpoints
                   should be unaffected.
                * A dash of documentation.

    Alexey Dejneka authored
            * New bug.
  8. sbcl-

    Alexey Dejneka authored
            * Merge DX sbcl-0-8-13-dx branch.
            * Out-of-line VALUES does not cons.
            * Forbid loading of initialization files in
Commits on Sep 11, 2004
  1. @nikodemus quoth the FORMAT, LOOP for on!

    nikodemus authored
                * Merge FORMAT and LOOP patches by Julian Squires
                   and Teemu Kalvas respectively, plus test-cases.
Commits on Sep 10, 2004

    William Harold Newman authored
    	fixes for build on my old Debian system...
    	...added missing #!+LINKAGE-TABLE
    	...converted "cd foo" to "cd ./foo" so that CDPATH-based logic
    		won't helpfully announce the name of the new dir to
     		stdout (and thus into local-target-features.lisp-expr);
    		then "cd ./foo > /dev/null" for overkill
    	generally grepped for and changed "cd foo" to "cd ./foo" to
    		reduce the amount of CDPATH ambiguity involved and
    		the amount of stdout noise generated

    Nathan Froyd authored
    	"These are not the tests you're looking for."
    	Oops.  Fix new tests as suggested by Christophe on sbcl-devel.
  3. @nikodemus self building. self building is good

    nikodemus authored
               * Oops fixage, to make self builds possible
                  once again.
Commits on Sep 9, 2004

    Nathan Froyd authored
    	Oops.  Fix dumping of specialized arrays whose elements are
    	  smaller than a single byte.
    	Now with added tests!  Passes all tests.
  2. @nikodemus Join the foreign legion!

    nikodemus authored
               * x86/FreeBSD, x86/Linux and Sparc/SunOS now have
                  linkage-table support, allowing SAVE-LISP-AND-DIE to
                  function properly in the presence of loaded shared
               * As a related cleanup automate testing for dlopen
                  support on the plaform, and conditionalize
                  LOAD-SHARED-OBJECT support on the resulting
                  :os-provides-dlopen feature.
Commits on Sep 8, 2004

    Nathan Froyd authored
    	Oops.  Better write things in the dumper as halfwords in addition
    	  to reading them as such in the fasl loader.

    Nathan Froyd authored
    	FASL changes for 64-bit compatibility
    	* read and write appropriate fop args as word-sized chunks rather
    	  than 32-bit-sized chunks
    	* fixes for 32-bit assumptions in array sizes and elsewhere
    	* a few cleanups along the same lines
    	Passes all tests and appears to not break FASL compatibility.

    Nathan Froyd authored
    	Lots of GC cleanups:
    	* use N_WORD_BYTES where appropriate, even in gencgc.c
    	* use inline functions instead of macros (there are a few cases
    	  yet to replace, though)
    	* use `fixnump' where possible instead of `& 0x3' (which will
    	  break with 64-bit ports)
    	* tweak NWORDS to function correctly for n_bits greater than
    	  the word size (important for 64-bit ports)
    	* changes to use to new, improved NWORDS function when
    	  appropriate (e.g. for determining the length of float arrays)
    	purify.c needs some of the same tweaks; I have a version which
    	  seems to work on alpha64 but fails at the end of warm-init.
    	Passes all tests.
Commits on Sep 1, 2004
  1. @kevinrosenberg

    kevinrosenberg authored
    	Fix for defgeneric expansion as reported on sbcl-devel Aug 31, 2004
Commits on Aug 30, 2004
  1. 0.8.14:

    William Harold Newman authored
    	release, tagged as sbcl_0_8_14
Commits on Aug 26, 2004
  1. @nikodemus Last minute manual twiddling

    nikodemus authored
                * Fix a bunch of tyepos, including the all-important
                   distinction between < and >.
                * Correct cross-references pertaining to
                * Remove cartouches from docs, as they seem to mess up the
                   HTML output.
                * Remove a duplicated text about muffle-conditions, left in
                   after a cut & paste fest.
Commits on Aug 25, 2004
  1. @nikodemus ...Flew Together

    nikodemus authored
               * "Oops." Fix the piping to /dev/null in
    	      tools-for-build/ so that it doesn't
    	      puke compiler-errors all over the place -- specifically
    	      to local-target-features.lisp-expr...
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