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Commits on Feb 27, 2006
  1. 0.9.10:

    William Harold Newman committed Feb 27, 2006
    	release, tagged as sbcl_0_9_10
Commits on Feb 22, 2006

    csrhodes committed Feb 22, 2006
    	gencgc/ppc fixups
    	... fix the allocator/gc on threaded builds.  Whoops.
    	... in pa_alloc/gencgc/!x86, actually do the stack manipulation
    		more plausibly.  (Don't carefully write the value we
    		want to preserve past the end of the stack, for one)
    	... whitespace.
Commits on Feb 21, 2006

    jsnell committed Feb 21, 2006
            Implement os_get_runtime_exexutable_path() on Solaris
            (patch by Daisuke Homma).
            Move the os_get_runtime_exexutable_path() FreeBSD version
            check from compile-time to runtime (patch by NIIMI Satoshi).

    csrhodes committed Feb 21, 2006
    	Merge Cyrus Harmon's 7th gencgc merge candidate
    	... with the addition of idempotent implementations of
    		arch_clear_pseudo_atomic_interrupted() for
    		sparc, mips, alpha and hppa.  (the last three completely
    	... many, many changes, most of which are documented in
    	(This commit may break horribly.  Please read, please test)
Commits on Feb 17, 2006

    Nathan Froyd committed Feb 17, 2006
    	Eliminate calls to GENERIC-< in SUBTRACT-BIGNUM-BUFFERS{,-WITH-LEN}
    	  by declaring a few types.

    csrhodes committed Feb 17, 2006
    	Merge fix from Peter Van Eynde (sbcl-devel 2006-02-11 "cosmetic
    	room bug") for a cosmetic room bug.
    	... also fix a distinctly non-cosmetic scrub-control-stack bug
    		resulting from the same issue.  This scrubbing failure
    		appeared to cause heap corruption in powerpc/gencgc
    		test builds; I think I understand why.
    	The Cheney GC zeros the unused parts of the lisp control stack
    	after it has completed the garbage collection.  This ensures
    	that, if the active stack had no garbage pointers at the start
    	of the collection, there is no region in the entire control
    	stack (used or unused) which contains a garbage pointer, since
    	every entry has either been scavenged or zeroed.  But since by
    	assumption we start off with no garbage pointers, by
    	mathematical induction we never scavenge one, so everything is
    	GENCGC doesn't perform this zeroing.  (Why?)  However,
    	SCRUB-CONTROL-STACK does, before a GC.  This is slightly more
    	dangerous, because we could in fact have incomplete stack frames
            lying below the stack pointer with an entry from a previous
            iteration of the heap, but I think it's OK by the same
            reasoning as before.  Failure to zero the stack, however, does
            leave the possibility of bogus pointers open when stack frames
            are extended but not every stack slot has yet been written to.
            This wasn't so much of an issue when the stack is
            scanned conservatively and ambiguous roots caused pinning, but
            under a precise stack scanning regime disaster ensues.

    csrhodes committed Feb 17, 2006
    	Fix the gencgc verification code for raw-slot-at-end
    	structure layout.

    csrhodes committed Feb 17, 2006
    	Fix hideously embarrassing ppc assembly bug in reg_LRA
    	... no longer go wrong if bit 15 of lra is set.
    	(The symptoms from this have been reported many, many times:
    	segmentation faults in the first triggered GC.  Kevin Rosenberg
    	reported it first from my trawl on sbcl-devel, but I think it's
    	been known for longer than that.  Previously it had been
    	dismissed as gcc miscompilation problems, because the problem
    	disappeared when using a different version of gcc, for any
    	individual developer: in retrospect, the fact that it was our
    	bug after all is pretty obvious from the fact that we were never
    	able to characterize particular versions of gcc which were bad.)
Commits on Feb 14, 2006

    Nathan Froyd committed Feb 14, 2006
    	Add a declaration to GET-LATIN-BYTES to silence some efficiency
    	  notes.  Makes the code smaller, too.

    Nathan Froyd committed Feb 14, 2006
    	PPC micro-optimization of COPY-MORE-ARG VOP.  Use LWZU/STWU to
    	  avoid ADDI instructions.

    Gabor Melis committed Feb 14, 2006
      * fixed type= and csubtypep for arrays of unknown-type

    csrhodes committed Feb 14, 2006
    	Whoops.  SB-INTROSPECT is (was) using one of the symbols I
    	renamed in
Commits on Feb 13, 2006

    csrhodes committed Feb 13, 2006
    	Fix most use of slot-names colliding with external symbols /
    	symbols accessible from CL-USER
    	... prefix most such slots by %;
    	... only the TYPE slot in SPECIALIZER left to go, which is more
    		complicated because in fact it's not a TYPE at all; more
    		like a specifier (or maybe a typeoid)

    csrhodes committed Feb 13, 2006
    	Move the Linux/ppc heap around again, in an attempt to find a space
    	that everyone can use...
    	... lichtblau on #lisp reported that his ppc mapped stuff at
    	... also some whitespace unbreakification.
Commits on Feb 10, 2006

    csrhodes committed Feb 10, 2006
    	Fix bug in method-metacircle/discriminating function update.
    	... start defining SAFE-FOO variants of method- and
    		generic-function- accessors, concentrating the
    		horribleness.  At the moment, we have separate SAFE-FOO
    		and EARLY-FOO logic; at some time in the future it might
    		be worth coalescing the two.
    	... test cases.  Include both Jean and Pascal's variants of the
    		method code, and write similar generic-function code
    		(which, admittedly, seemed to pass anyway).
Commits on Feb 9, 2006

    csrhodes committed Feb 9, 2006
    	Fix build on ppc (sb- -> sb!)
Commits on Feb 8, 2006
  1. Fixed buffer overrun in resync restart for variable width external fo…

    Teemu Kalvas committed Feb 8, 2006

    Nathan Froyd committed Feb 8, 2006
    	More fixes courtesy of PFD's ansi-tests:
    	...%LOGBITP had its arglist reversed.  Oops; more proactive in declaring the types of constant arguments
    	   in the %LOGBITP VOPs to avoid bogosity.
Commits on Feb 7, 2006

    csrhodes committed Feb 7, 2006
    	PPC64 build fixes
    	... uname returning ppc64 should give us an SBCL_ARCH of ppc;
    	... move the spaces around for MORE HEAP (512Mb vs 128Mb);
    	... turn on linkage tables on Linux/PPC.

    csrhodes committed Feb 7, 2006
    	Make disassembly on PowerPC (at least) less hideously ugly, by
    	removing weird WORD #x00000000 overflowingness

    Nathan Froyd committed Feb 7, 2006
    	Oops.  Add functions for constant folding purposes and fix AVER
    	  in the x86 backend.  Add tests from (where else?) ansi-tests.

    jsnell committed Feb 7, 2006
            Fix build.

    Nathan Froyd committed Feb 7, 2006
    	Introduce new vm-support-routine COMBINATION-IMPLEMENTATION-STYLE
    	  for letting the backend have a crack at implementing certain
    	  functions directly (cf. OPTIMIZATIONS, #29);
    	...implement a few efficient cases for PPC and x86.

    Nathan Froyd committed Feb 7, 2006
    	Unbreak the test suite by exporting SBCL_HOME from
    	  SB-POSIX is now found as one might expect.
Commits on Feb 5, 2006

    jsnell committed Feb 5, 2006
            Fix tests that modify constant data (patch by Lutz Euler).

    jsnell committed Feb 5, 2006
            Make some variables in the code code generated by
            ALIEN-CALLBACK-LISP-WRAPPER-LAMBDA ignorable to get rid of
            spurious warnings, as suggested by James Bielman on sbcl-devel
            "Unused variable warnings in SB-ALIEN::ALIEN-LAMBDA".

    jsnell committed Feb 5, 2006
            Canonicalize some whitespace (the upstream version of
            asdf.lisp committed last week).

    jsnell committed Feb 5, 2006
            Support for finding the executable path on FreeBSD. (thanks to
            NIIMI Satoshi)

    jsnell committed Feb 5, 2006
            New SAVE-LISP-AND-DIE keyword argument :EXECUTABLE can be used
            for bundling the runtime and the core file into one executable
            binary. This feature is not currently supported on all SBCL
            platforms.  (thanks to James Bielman)
Commits on Feb 1, 2006

    csrhodes committed Feb 1, 2006
    	Change the way we find our asdf-based contribs, using a custom
    	*system-definition-search-function* rather than symlinks.
    	... $SBCL_HOME/systems directory can go away;
    	... various changes in build and install scripts.
Commits on Jan 29, 2006

    csrhodes committed Jan 29, 2006
    	Fix a bug in ctor optimization reported by kpreid on #lisp
    	... quote the ctor-initarg keys in the fallback (unoptimized)
    		constructor too.

    jsnell committed Jan 29, 2006
    	Don't signal an error on (DOCUMENTATION 'FOO 'STRUCTURE) when
            there's no structure named 'FOO (reported by Glenn Ehrlich).
Commits on Jan 28, 2006

    Alexey Dejneka committed Jan 28, 2006
            * Merge a patch by Ivan Boldyrev fixing character code
              conversions for OCTETS-TO-STRING and STRING-TO-OCTETS.
Commits on Jan 27, 2006

    csrhodes committed Jan 27, 2006
    	Fix bug #399 (gwking on #lisp / paste 16110; reduced case by
    	... we need to be able to derive DATA-VECTOR-REF's return type
    		when we have a SIMPLE-STRING, even if the array's type
    		isn't represented directly as an ARRAY-TYPE

    Nathan Froyd committed Jan 27, 2006
    	Place yet another obstacle in the way of version 1.0.  (bug #399)