Switch branches/tags
Commits on Jun 26, 2006
  1. 0.9.14:

    William Harold Newman
    William Harold Newman committed Jun 26, 2006
    	release version, will be tagged as sbcl_0_9_14
Commits on Jun 25, 2006

    jsnell committed Jun 25, 2006
            Fix unithreaded Solaris/x86 build failure.
Commits on Jun 20, 2006
  1. Windows installer tweaks

    nikodemus committed Jun 20, 2006
      * Name the installer sbcl-<version>.msi, not sbcl.msi
      * De-impress Xach
         <Xach> i was impressed by ID
         <Xach> it reminded me of gentle DOOM
  2. Ooops -- trivial fixes against previous commit

    nikodemus committed Jun 20, 2006
      * Fix garbld docstring in user-homedir-pathname.
  3. Windows baby-steps

    nikodemus committed Jun 20, 2006
      * Less sucky toplevel-init: use PARSE-NATIVE-NAMESTRING to deal with
        user-supplied init-file names, and refactor the logic between Posix
        and Windows.
      * New runtime option: --debug-environment, prints out the command line
        arguments and environment before anything fancy gets done to them.
        Good for debugging startup from Windows shortcuts, etc.
      * Less magic constants, more groveled stuff.
        and it now returns pathnames instead of strings.
      * Add internal function SBCL-HOMEDIR-PATHNAME, and centralize the
        SBCL_HOME stuff there.
      * Still LESS_SHOUTING.
      * Move stuff-groveled-from-headers.lisp earlier in the build-order,
        so toplevel.lisp can use it.
      * No localtime_r and gmtime_r on Windows.
Commits on Jun 19, 2006

    William Harold Newman
    William Harold Newman committed Jun 19, 2006
    	logged bug 404
  2. ASDF update from upstream

    nikodemus committed Jun 19, 2006
      * This version at least supports (oos 'load-op :foo :force t),
        no thanks to yours truely.
Commits on Jun 18, 2006
  1. Thread safety miscellania

    nikodemus committed Jun 18, 2006
      * Use localtime_r and gmtime_r instead of thread-unsafe variants
        in time.c.
      * Note gethostby* reentrancy issue in sb-bsd-sockets in BUGS.
      * Trivial PCL cleanups:
        ** *ALL-PV-TABLE-LIST* was unused -- things only got pushed on it,
           but never read. Commented out with a comment, removed code that
           did the pushing.
        ** *INITIAL-PV-TABLE* was unused, deleted.
        ** *EMPTY-PV* was unused, deleted.
        ** *EMPTY-CACHE* was unused, deleted.
        ** *MFP1* & friends implemented a two-element cache outside
           a hash-table. Deleted and replaced with simple hash-table
           access. Boinkmarks will show the truth.
        ** Moved redundant toplevel SETQs to the original DEFPARAMTER
           of various *FOO-COST*s.
        How is this thread-safety related? It happened while flagging
        some PCL globals as safe and others as worthy of attention
        in doc/internals-notes/threading-specials. Also sorted the
        names, so *THE-FOO*s stand out in one place -- seeming to
        me as least-likely causes of trouble.
      * Whitespace.
  2. GET-INTERNAL-RUN-TIME on Windows, + Windows cleanups

    nikodemus committed Jun 18, 2006
      * Merge the patch by Frank Buss, that implements
        get-internal-run-time for Windows, modulo stylistic changes.
        (Restores buildability on Windows.)
      * LESS UPCASE.
      * Also slightly less #!+/-win32 conditionalization.
      * Grovel more stuff on Windows.
Commits on Jun 14, 2006

    William Harold Newman
    William Harold Newman committed Jun 14, 2006
    	comment tweak inspired by Gisle.Salensminde message to sbcl-help

    William Harold Newman
    William Harold Newman committed Jun 14, 2006
    	tweaked text around READ-ERROR for undefined #n# label
Commits on Jun 12, 2006
  1. install (and any other *.info-* files)

    nikodemus committed Jun 12, 2006
       * makeinfo splits large info-files into separate parts, so
         we'd better deal with them.
Commits on Jun 10, 2006

    jsnell committed Jun 10, 2006
    	Don't generate (or include) genesis/lutex.h when building without
            SB-THREAD. Should fix the FreeBSD 4 build problems reported
            on sbcl-devel.
            Whitespace fixes.

    jsnell committed Jun 10, 2006
    	Improvements to the disassembly of INC and DEC on x86-64 (patch
            by Lutz Euler on sbcl-devel)
  3. RUN-PROGRAM tweak

    nikodemus committed Jun 10, 2006
      * If the streams passed to RUN-PRGRAM are composite streams,
        try to extract the underlying FD-STREAM before falling
        back to the tempfile/pipe strategy.

    jsnell committed Jun 10, 2006
    	Fix FP exception handling on FreeBSD (patch by NIIMI Satoshi
    	on sbcl-devel)

    jsnell committed Jun 10, 2006
    	Reintroduce the unused "linux_no_threads_p" variable (deleted
            with some lutex-related cleanups), since the latest released
            version of Slime wants to access it.
Commits on Jun 9, 2006

    jsnell committed Jun 9, 2006
    	Add an explicit -fPIC to the gcc options for building a shared
            library for x86-64 in threads.impure.lisp, as apparently required
            for some versions of gcc. (thanks to Marco Monteiro)
  2. global policy / null-lexenv confusion fix

    nikodemus committed Jun 9, 2006
      * Do not store the global policy in null-lexenv, but include
        it in subsequent lexenvs. Fixes visibility of global policy
        in LOCALLY and MACROLET.
      * Also actually enable the SB-LDB in default build instead of
        just providing the framework to make this a good idea.
        (Accidentally left out from from

    William Harold Newman
    William Harold Newman committed Jun 9, 2006
    	logged bug 403
    	added workaround for bug 403 when printing *DEBUG-CONDITION*
Commits on Jun 7, 2006
  1. Class objects as specializers

    nikodemus committed Jun 7, 2006
     * As reported by Pascal Costanze on sbcl-devel.
     * Also record PCL code walker bug wrt. user-defined declarations.
  2. :SB-LDB in default build

    nikodemus committed Jun 7, 2006
     * DISABLE-DEBUGGER now also turns LDB off, so scriptability remains the same.
     * Use lose() instead of monitor_or_something() in the runtime, and replace
       set_lossage_handler() with enable/disable_lossage_handler().
  3. restarts for slot-unbound

    nikodemus committed Jun 7, 2006
     * USE-VALUE and STORE-VALUE have obvious meanings here, so use them.
     * Missing NEWS for .31.
  4. native-namestring bugfix

    nikodemus committed Jun 7, 2006
     * The native-namestring should be same for :DIRECTORY (:RELATIVE) and
Commits on Jun 6, 2006

    Cyrus Harmon
    Cyrus Harmon committed Jun 6, 2006
       * restore macos/x86 buildability without sb-thread by making the
         lutex primitive object defintion and %make-lutex and lutexp
         definitions be #!+sb-lutex not #!+(and sb-lutex sb-thread).

    jsnell committed Jun 6, 2006
    	Fix some regressions:
            * x86 build was broken by the ALWAYS-TRANSLATABLE defknown changes
            * Some symbol package issues in the test framework caused
              --break-on-failure to stop working (patch by Yaroslav Kavenchuk)

    Nathan Froyd
    Nathan Froyd committed Jun 6, 2006
    	Move full-call checking responsibilities to DEFKNOWN.
    	... change PONDER-FULL-CALL to check said flag;
    	... declare flag in appropriate cases;
    	... by analogy with %INSTANCE-{REF,SET}, flag their %RAW-*
    	  counterparts as well (they were not flagged previously)..
    	There are probably other cases where it's applicable, too.

    Nathan Froyd
    Nathan Froyd committed Jun 6, 2006
    	Restore buildability on OS X/PPC.
Commits on Jun 5, 2006
  1. Life after heap exhaustion on GENCGC

    nikodemus committed Jun 5, 2006
     * If gc_find_freeish_pages fails, but managed to find _some_
       memory, and we are not in GC, signal a HEAP-EXHAUSTED-ERROR.
     * A few stray s/0/FREE_PAGE_FLAG/'s.
     * Fix fprintf control string in print_generation_stats.
     * *CONTROL-STACK-EXHAUSTION-SAP* is unused, get rid of it.
Commits on Jun 4, 2006

    Nathan Froyd
    Nathan Froyd committed Jun 4, 2006
    	Remove vestiges of raw-slot indirection in structures for non-HPPA
    	... #!{-,+}hppa where appropriate;
    	... purge %RAW-REF-FOO and associated SET VOPs on #-HPPA ports;
    	... tested on PPC.
Commits on Jun 3, 2006

    jsnell committed Jun 3, 2006
    	Fix a bug with the EAGAIN/EINTR handling of SB-BSD-SOCKETS:SOCKET-SEND.
            Add EINTR handling to SOCKET-ACCEPT and SOCKET-RECEIVE.

    Thiemo Seufer
    Thiemo Seufer committed Jun 3, 2006

    jsnell committed Jun 3, 2006
    	Implement SB-THREAD mutexes and waitqueues using only pthread
            functionality on platforms that don't support Linux futexes. New
            platforms that can be compiled with SB-THREAD:
              * Solaris/x86 (seems to be as stable as SBCL threads on Linux)
              * OS X/x86 (some known stability problems, but doesn't fail on the
                thread regression tests every time)
              * FreeBSD/x86 (reportedly "flat-out broken", tends to cause
                kernel panics)
            While I (Juho) am doing the final merge from lutex-branch to
            HEAD, much of the work was done by Cyrus Harmon, based on an
            initial implementation by Nathan Froyd. The Solaris work was
            funded by Tellme Networks, Inc.
Commits on Jun 1, 2006

    jsnell committed Jun 1, 2006
    	Make TIME show the amount of run-time spent in GC. SBCLs of old used
            to have this feature, but (as far as I can tell) it was unintentionally
            disabled in 0.pre8.119.thread-gc.1.

    jsnell committed Jun 1, 2006
    	Merge sbcl-devel patch "NAME-CHAR and unrecognised symbols" by
            Robert J. Macomber, fixing an issue with NAME-CHAR signaling an error
            when given an invalid symbol.