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Commits on Nov 28, 2005
  1. 0.9.7:

    William Harold Newman committed
    	release, tagged as sbcl_0_9_7
Commits on Nov 25, 2005
  1. @jsnell

    jsnell committed
    	* Remove a few obsolete entries from BUGS
            * Add a NEWS entry that got lost in the messed up
Commits on Nov 24, 2005
  1. @csrhodes

    csrhodes committed
    	Log another bug
  2. @csrhodes

    csrhodes committed
    	Log a bug in wild pathnames from sbcl-help
Commits on Nov 22, 2005
  1. the last of the SRHINK-VECTOR fixes

    Brian Mastenbrook committed
       * call SRHINK-VECTOR for return value, not effect, in DELETE-DUPLICATES
       * call %SRHINK-VECTOR in purify, where we're not going to be GCing
Commits on Nov 21, 2005
  1. @csrhodes

    csrhodes committed
    	Fix bugs reported by piso on #lisp (via our own test suite...)
    	... always return the vector from new SHRINK-VECTOR (fixes
    	... export %SHRINK-VECTOR from SB-KERNEL (fixes
Commits on Nov 20, 2005
  1. in the name of stability and goodwill

    Gabor Melis committed
      * SHRINK-VECTOR is now safe wrt to gcing: it returns a new vector
        if needed, only shrinks arrays with fill pointers destructively.
      * %SHRINK-VECTOR is what SHRINK-VECTOR used to be, an unsafe
        performance hack for the case where the vector cannot be accessed
        from interrupts/other threads.
      * don't call %ARRAY-DISPLACED-P on vectors
Commits on Nov 18, 2005

    Gabor Melis committed
      * fixed hash-table/gc deadlock introduced in .50
  2. @csrhodes

    csrhodes committed
    	Fix bug reported by Kalle Olavi Niemitalo on comp.lang.lisp
    	... create CONDITION-CLASSes for DEFINE-CONDITION forms
    	... oh, but wait.  CONDITION-CLASSes are already created as part
    		of the reader/writer generation, for those condition
    		classes with slots, in the (find-class condition)
    		incantation of install-condition-fooer-function.
    	... and oh joy, reinitialize-instance on condition-classes
    		removes accessors but does not add them again.  Add
    		a reinitialize-instance :after method to put them back.
    	... add a comment explaining that I have no idea what is meant
    		to happen.  (CMUCL has a bogus CLASS-DIRECT-SLOTS on
    		condition instances, which explains somewhat why it
    		seems to work there...)
  3. stability before creativity

    Gabor Melis committed
      * protect hash table operations with spinlocks on threaded builds =>
        ** no more memory corruption due to SHRINK-VECTOR in hash table code
        ** no more hangs caused by a corrupted NEXT-VECTOR that is cyclic
        ** as a side effect hash tables are thread safe (but it's not part of
           the contract, do your own locking)
        ** slower hash tables
Commits on Nov 17, 2005
  1. oops

    Gabor Melis committed
      * fix typo in cell.lisp for ppc
  2. more stability

    Gabor Melis committed
      * zero the value on the binding stack when UNBINDing to prevent gc
        lossage under rare circumstances (see internals manual)
Commits on Nov 16, 2005

    Nathan Froyd committed
    	Fix SB-MD5 bugs:
    	* Updating the MD5 state with a "short" sequence was buggy;
    	  ...and the moral of the story is: (SAFETY 0) hides real bugs
    	* MD5SUM-SEQUENCE did not respect fill pointers.

    Gabor Melis committed
      * use SIGUSR1 for SA_NODEFER detection for gdb on darwin's sake
Commits on Nov 15, 2005

    Nathan Froyd committed
    	Fix BIGNUM-ABS-BUFFER to pass the right number of args to

    Gabor Melis committed
      * access *BINDING-STACK-POINTER* directly without looking up the tls
        index on threaded builds. This shaves 120K off the core and makes
        using specials a bit faster.
  3. @jsnell

    jsnell committed
    	Improve loop index variable detection:
            * Allow the initial value and the step to be of different types,
              as long as the initial value is more contagious (e.g (LOOP
              FOR I FROM 1.0 TO 5.0 ...))
            * Allow modification to the index variable with -, not just +
              (e.g (LOOP REPEAT 5 ...))
Commits on Nov 13, 2005

    Gabor Melis committed
      * clear the interrupted flag in interrupt_handle_pending (one less
        MOV in PSEUDO-ATOMIC) on x86/x86-64
      * fixed compilation error with QSHOW in gencgc.c
  2. @jsnell

    jsnell committed
    	Make the foreign-stack-alignment tests not fail on x86-64 (mind
            you, I'm convinced that the test is valid).
            * Pass -fPIC to cc on x86-64
            * x86-64 wants 16-byte alignment
            * Add WITH-TESTs
  3. @jsnell

    jsnell committed
    	Fix a small pprint performance problem caused by the Unicode work.
            * Allow using SIMPLE-BASE-STRINGs directly as pprint
              suffix/prefix, instead of coercing them to (SIMPLE-ARRAY CHARACTER).
            * OOAOM the idiom used in for specializing a block of code for
              several types of strings.
  4. @jsnell

    jsnell committed
            Yet another personality() change. Some older kernels (original
            report was on 2.6.4) apparently strip unknown personality
            flags on exec(), leading to an eternal execve() loop at
            startup. So only do the re-exec dance on 2.6.11 and newer.
Commits on Nov 12, 2005

    Gabor Melis committed
      * enabled a faster inline-alloc on x86
      * +300k to core size
      * tested on P4 and Pentium M, it is roughly 25% faster on pure consing
Commits on Nov 9, 2005
  1. @csrhodes

    csrhodes committed
    	Do the CHANGE-CLASS checking for funcallable-standard-objects
  2. @csrhodes

    csrhodes committed
    	More checking.  No more CHANGE-CLASS to metaobject classes,
Commits on Nov 8, 2005
  1. @csrhodes

    csrhodes committed
    	Minor fixes to the debugger
    	... some pretty-print magic for the debugger entrance message;
    	... the logic in the nested debugger condition cell error name
    		seems wrong; make it right, I think
  2. @csrhodes

    csrhodes committed
    	Merge floating point printing patch from Simon Alexander
    	... enough peer review is enough.
Commits on Nov 7, 2005
  1. @csrhodes

    csrhodes committed
    	Implement the last bit of Method metaobject
    	initialization checking
  2. @csrhodes

    csrhodes committed
    	Some more references, this time for BUILT-IN-CLASS stuff.
  3. @csrhodes

    csrhodes committed
    	Better error messages for method initialization violations
Commits on Nov 6, 2005
  1. @csrhodes

    csrhodes committed
    	Propagate documentation from dslotds to eslotds as specified in
    	ANSI 7.6.2.
  2. @csrhodes

    csrhodes committed
    	Make one (failing on sparc/sunos) compiler test a little more
  3. @nikodemus missing NEWS entries, minor test fix

    nikodemus committed
      ...that's all she sang...
  4. @nikodemus type inference from CHECK-TYPE

    nikodemus committed
     * Merge patch from Vincent Arkesteijn (sbcl-devel 2005-01-02)
       with a slight modification: use the new expansion only if place
       is a variable.
  5. @nikodemus preserve stack alignment in callbacks on ppc

    nikodemus committed
     * Merge patch from Cyrus Harmon (sbcl-devel 2005-11-04), plus slightly
       twisted tests.
     Note: This has been tested on ppc/darwin and x86/linux, but the new tests
     are active on all platforms -- using alignment requirements I've essentially
  6. @jsnell

    jsnell committed
    	Have you ever tried jumping to the definition of a method combination
            with M-. only to be thwarted by Slime/SBCL? Yeah, me neither...
    	* Record source location information for all definition forms.
              (Except when (AND (> SPACE DEBUG) (> SPACE 1))).
            * On by default, can be disabled by removing :SB-SOURCE-LOCATIONS
              from build-features (if you really want to save that last 60kB
              of space...)
            * Add structure SB-C:DEFINITION-SOURCE-LOCATION for saving the
              source locations
            * Annotate all definition form macros with calls to
              SB-C:SOURCE-LOCATION, which is compiler-macro-expanded
              to a D-S-L instance and saved into an appropriate place.
            * For cases where no appropriate place exists, add new
              info class :SOURCE-LOCATION.
            * Some trickery required to get the source locations recorded
              for early definitions.
            * SB-INTROSPECT:FIND-DEFINITION-SOURCE no longer tries to guess
              what definition to search for when given a symbol. (I don't
              feel too bad about this, since the interface is explicitly
              not supported yet).
              for querying, e.g (FIND-DEFINITION-SOURCES-BY-NAME '*FOO* :VARIABLE).
              Returns a list of locations (to support things like
              (F-D-S-B-N 'FOO :METHOD) or (F-D-S-B-N 'foo :VOP)).
            * Stalate the fasls.
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