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Tag: sbcl_0_7_1
Commits on Jan 26, 2002
  1. 0.7.1:

    William Harold Newman authored
    	(seems to be ready to go)

    William Harold Newman authored
    	added DB's bug 133 test case

    William Harold Newman authored
    	deleted unused EMIT-DEFAULT-ONLY-MACRO
    	various cosmetic changes in src/pcl/
Commits on Jan 23, 2002

    William Harold Newman authored
    	APD bug 111 patch sbcl-devel 2001-12-30
    	APD PCL INHIBIT-WARNINGS patch ("Re: [sbcl-devel] sbcl style"
    		sbcl-devel 2002-01-23)
    	nibbling away at bug 137: making functions defined by
    		DEFMETHOD have debug names not e.g.
    		but instead (:METHOD FOO (INTEGER))...
    	...added NAME-METHOD-LAMBDA and BODY-METHOD-NAME, and used 'em
    	...tweaked %METHOD-NAME declared values to look more like
    		modern CLOS syntax
    	...made NAMED-LAMBDA treat not-legal-as-source-name names as
    		debug names, so it barfeth not when fed method names
    	...tweaked BACKTRACE printing so that it won't truncate the
    		shiny new method names into e.g. (:METHOD FOO #)
    	deleted unused WALK-NAMED-LAMBDA

    William Harold Newman authored
    	fixing bugs introduced in 0.7.0 release...
    	...made LOAD-FOREIGN and LOAD-1-FOREIGN definitions work, at
    		least as far as I could test on OpenBSD. (As reported by
    		Stig E Sandoe sbcl-devel 2002-01-22, they were broken
    		in the 0.7.0 sources, because the SB-ALIEN:LOAD-FOREIGN
    		and SB-ALIEN:LOAD-1-FOREIGN symbols are no longer
    		visible in SB-SYS, and foreign.lisp was
    	...sharpened the tests to keep this from
    		happening again
    	...fixed bug 133 (somewhat kludgily, but hopefully better than
    	made DEFGENERIC do trivial checks on its arguments immediately,
    		so (DEFGENERIC FOO OR ((X BAR) (Y BAR)) gives a
    		better error message
Commits on Jan 22, 2002

    William Harold Newman authored
    	(first displayed and caused confusion on the sbcl-devel mailing
    		list by misunderstanding the COMPLEX type specifier,
    		completely overlooking UPGRADED-COMPLEX-PART-TYPE;
    		then belatedly:)
    	merged CSR "rough patch to fix bug 106" sbcl-devel 2001-10-28
    	used (SPECIFIER-TYPE NIL) instead of (SPECIFIER-TYPE 'NULL) in
    		the bug 106 patch
    	removed bug 93 entry, since CSR pointed out that the "removed
    		bogus DECLAIM" in 0.pre7.14.flaky4.3 seems to've
    		fixed it
Commits on Jan 21, 2002

    William Harold Newman authored
    	APD "some simple patches" (sbcl-devel 2002-01-21) for bugs
    		found by PVE

    William Harold Newman authored
    	APD "repeated DEFGENERIC" patch (sbcl-devel 2002-01-20)
    	DD-NAME is a constant. DSD-%NAME should be but isn't.:-(
    	deleted a few unnecessary SB!KERNEL: prefixes
    	fixed/deleted/whatever a few easy FIXMEs
Commits on Jan 20, 2002

    William Harold Newman authored
    	cleaned up EVAL-STACK left over from deletion of IR1 and
    		byte interpreters (responding to NJF questions
    		sbcl-devel 2002-01-19)
    	deleted unused symbols: %SP-SET-PLIST, %SP-SET-DEFINITION
Commits on Jan 19, 2002
  1. integration hassles, cont'd:

    William Harold Newman authored
    	refined my sh script technique (removing syntax errors)
  2. integration hassles, cont'd:

    William Harold Newman authored
    	gave up on trying to mess with different versions of jade on
    		different architectures, at which point it became clear
    		that I wanted the formatted docs to be distributed in
    		a different package than source or binary, so...
    	...wrote to slurp up the HTML-formatted
    	...tweaked so it no longer slurps up the
    		HTML-formatted documentation
  3. uh, *working* on 0.7.0, anyway:

    William Harold Newman authored
    	fixed SGML typo that OpenBSD openjade didn't care about (?)
    		but Linux jade caught
  4. 0.7.0:

    William Harold Newman authored
    	(Woo hoo!)
    	lotso doc tweaking
Commits on Jan 18, 2002
  1. 0.pre7.142:

    William Harold Newman authored
    	(I hope this looks a lot like 0.7.0. I'll putter on and around
    		it for a while, xc'ing under CMU CL, building some
    		applications, etc. Then if there isn't too much
    		surprise, maybe I can finally ship it!)
    	late-breaking incompatible cleanup: The default USE list
    		implementation-defined. Let's just make it NIL, the
    		way God intended, instead of trying to guess. (Anyone
    		who actually wants something random can just
    		:USE (PACKAGE-USE-LIST :CL-USER) anyway.:-) So...
    	...Implementation-defined things are supposed to be
    		documented. Put this in the doc string of MAKE-PACKAGE.
    	...Putting it in NEWS would be good too.
Commits on Jan 17, 2002
  1. 0.pre7.141:

    William Harold Newman authored
    	made DESCRIBE output of PACKAGE data more concise
Commits on Jan 16, 2002
  1. 0.pre7.140:

    William Harold Newman authored
    	merged SB-C-CALL into SB-ALIEN (since the rationale for
    		C-CALL being an extension of "basic" SB-ALIEN isn't
    		obviously compelling)
    	...deleted various notes about the distinction between
    		packages at egrep matches to '\<c-call'
    	...mentioned the change in the FFI quasichapter of the
    		user manual
    	...s/c-call/alien/ at matches to 'sb.c-call'
    	...remembered to add SB-C-CALL nickname for backwards
    	There seems no longer to be any reason that VOID or
    		WEAK-POINTER-P needs to be re-exported from SB-KERNEL.
    	It doesn't make all that much sense to reexport
    	Remove the old set-the-cold-package-nickname support from
    		set-up-cold-packages.lisp and friends, since it's
    		unused and not quite right anyway and much too
    		annoying to fix (messing with renaming SB!FOO
    		nicknames to SB-FOO nicknames, ick). The SB-FOO
    		nickname needed is this backwards compatibility
    		hack, and it can be hacked in at init time.
  2. 0.pre7.139:

    William Harold Newman authored
    	more s/argument/arg/...
    	...*not* s/one-argument/one-arg/, since CL defines
    		:IDENTITY-WITH-ONE-ARGUMENT as a kw arg for
  3. 0.pre7.138:

    William Harold Newman authored
    	merged CSR "{find,position}-if-not" patch from sbcl-devel
    	tweaked %NATURALIZE-C-STRING to reduce the ridiculous consing
    		(reported on cmucl-imp ca. 2002-01-15 by Lynn Quam) in
    		the reinvent-the-strlen() code
    	added assertion in GENESIS to try to catch "SB!"-vs.-"SB-"
    		prefix mistakes in code it works with
  4. 0.pre7.137:

    William Harold Newman authored
    	more ARGUMENT-to-ARG abbreviation, mostly from egrepping
    		'def[^ ]* \(*[^ ]*argument'...
    	removed BUGS 130 as per CSR sbcl-devel 2002-01-16
    	cut DB's notes from CLiki SBCL internals
    		page, pasted them into comments, and rewrote
    		them some
  5. 0.pre7.136:

    William Harold Newman authored
    	abbreviating ARGUMENT as ARG...
    	also changed ARGUMENT to ARGS in the context of ARG-COUNT-ERROR
Commits on Jan 15, 2002
  1. 0.pre7.135:

    William Harold Newman authored
    	DO-FOO should be used for iteration names, not other things...
    	...I'm not sure enough about behavior of VOP names to mess with
    		DO-MAKE-VALUE-CELL immediately, but at least I can
    		rename the MAKE-VALUE-CELL event to MAKE-VALUE-CELL-EVENT
    		to start to untangle the names here.
    	fixed dumb oversight in debug.impure.lisp
  2. 0.pre7.134:

    William Harold Newman authored
    	MNA "more describe (and arglist) cleanup" patch from
    		sbcl-devel 2002-01-15
    	Tweak the arglist regression tests so that they don't depend on
    		the (somewhat arbitrary) names chosen for arguments in
    		some implementation file far far away, but only on
    		supported behavior and local code.
    	Rearrange the arglist regression tests a little. (Make
    		debug.impure.lisp and move 'em there.)
  3. 0.pre7.133:

    William Harold Newman authored
    	NJF patch I from sbcl-devel 2002-01-14: "Keywords are
    		self-evaluating, right?  They don't need to be quoted?
    		Then I wonder why the writers of PCL felt it necessary
    		to do so. This patch fixes that."
    	NJF patch II from sbcl-devel 2002-01-14: "This patch does
    		away with the strange business of the PUSHP argument to
    		DEFINE-FOP (and DEFINE-COLD-FOP) being
    		(MEMBER '(T NIL :NONE)) and implements the suggestion
    		at the top of src/code/fop.lisp for fixing it."
    	chased down ramifications of s/offs-hook-function/offs-hook-fun/,
    		as per Alexei Dejneka broken disassembler bug report
    		sbcl-devel 2001-01-14
    	the poor neglected user manual...
    	...added some information about compiler-only-ness in the
    	...removed some "I'm sorry about this bug, give me time" stuff,
    		since time has passed, and the bugs are gone:-)
    	belatedly incremented fasl file version
  4. (I seem to've screwed up during the checkin of 0.pre7.131 before, so

    William Harold Newman authored
    that it's log message got lost. So this checkin has two log messages,
    .131 for the changes in the previous checkin and .132 for the changes
    in this checkin.)
    	s/variable/var/ in...
    	...(not set-variable because there's already a VAR slot for the
    		SET structure type, gah, so try s/set-variable/setq-var/)
    	Rename NAMED-VAR function to LOOP-NAMED-VAR, for consistency
    		with other LOOP operators and with the LOOP comments
    		which refer to LOOP-NAMED-VAR.
     	learning that I don't even get people's *names* right
    		in CREDITS:-(
    	addressed APD bug report 2001-01-13...
    	...made a BUGS entry for pretty-printing nested backquotes
    	...scattered references to compiler-only implementation
    		through doc/sbcl.1
    	other corrections and tweaks in doc/sbcl.1
Commits on Jan 14, 2002
  1. *** empty log message ***

    William Harold Newman authored
  2. 0.pre7.129:

    William Harold Newman authored
    	s/function/fun in...
Commits on Jan 13, 2002
  1. 0.pre7.128:

    William Harold Newman authored
    	MNA "patch for bug 105 and some other cleanups" (sbcl-devel
    	...fixed bug 105: made (DESCRIBE 'STREAM-READ-CHAR) work right
    		even when there're no methods on the GF yet
    	...tweaked format of DESCRIBE of methods, simplifying
    	...tidied up tests/ stuff, deleting temporary files after use
    	...deleted BUGS entries (105 entry, and stale 99 entry too)
    	tweaked MNA patch...
    	...explicitly saying "It has no methods." for bare GF
  2. 0.pre7.127:

    William Harold Newman authored
    	(There were >300 matches to
    		"egrep -sn '^\(def[^(;&]*function' ..." before.)
    	not just s/function/fun/, but also clearing up mess of (1)
    		LOSSAGE/SLIME (esp. SLIME), what do they mean? and
    		(2) "ERROR" and "WARNING" used in names even though
    		the condition system isn't involved...
    	other confusion/inconstency...
    	...s/compiler-style-warning/compiler-style-warn/ when used
    		as verb (as opposed to used as condition name)
    	...and similarly for s/compiler-warning/compiler-warn/
    	(There are now some 230 hits to the egrep at the start, mostly in
    		src/pcl/*, where I'm trying to tread lightly to avoid
    		gratuitously breaking quasistandard MOPish things.)
  3. 0.pre7.126:

    William Harold Newman authored
    	even more s/#'(lambda/(lambda/ (should be done now)
Commits on Jan 12, 2002
  1. 0.pre7.125:

    William Harold Newman authored
    	more s/#'(lambda/(lambda/
  2. 0.pre7.124:

    William Harold Newman authored
    	lotso s/#'(lambda/(lambda/
  3. 0.pre7.123:

    William Harold Newman authored
    	NJF save.lisp buglet fix sbcl-devel 2002-01-11
    	MNA "patch for bug 99" sbcl-devel 2002-01-11 (includes symbol
    		and cleanups too, not just bug 99)
  4. 0.pre7.122:

    William Harold Newman authored
    	belatedly removed BUGS entry 38 (fixed by MNA in 0.pre7.120)
    	Now that bug 138 is fixed, I can s/#'(lambda/(lambda/ to my
    		heart's content -- in theory. But what have we here,
    		another bizarre xc bug? Apparently. So...
    	...added #!+SB-SHOW ID slot to some fundamental compiler data
    	...(eventually found that MULTIPLE-VALUE-BIND macro definition
    		is sensitive to s/#'(lambda/(lambda/, which sorta
    		makes sense)
Commits on Jan 10, 2002
  1. NJF DOLIST/MACROLET patch for vmtran (sbcl-devel 2002-01-07,

    William Harold Newman authored
    		revised 2002-01-08)
  2. 0.pre7.120:

    William Harold Newman authored
    	MNA patch for bug 38 (sbcl-devel 2002-01-07)
    	removed BUGS entries 18 and 29 as per MNA sbcl-devel 2002-01-07
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