Switch branches/tags
Commits on Apr 25, 2004
  1. 0.8.10:

    William Harold Newman
    William Harold Newman committed Apr 25, 2004
    	release, tagged as sbcl_0_8_10
Commits on Apr 24, 2004

    Alexey Dejneka
    Alexey Dejneka committed Apr 24, 2004
            New bug.
Commits on Apr 23, 2004

    rudi committed Apr 23, 2004
    Prettify docstrings:
      * Detect and format itemized sections and tabulated descriptions
        (see the documentation for save-lisp-and-die)
    ... docstrings.lisp is getting large and unordered; the next tuit will
        likely be spent cleaning up and moving the docstring extractor
        into contrib/
Commits on Apr 22, 2004

    kevinrosenberg committed Apr 22, 2004
    	* doc/catalogs/catalog-debian.xml: Update with new locations
    	for new xml-core package.
Commits on Apr 21, 2004

    Alexey Dejneka
    Alexey Dejneka committed Apr 21, 2004
            * Put credits to Lutz Euler into NEWS.
Commits on Apr 20, 2004

    csrhodes committed Apr 20, 2004
    	Log various bugs from Bruno Haible (and also tokeniser
    	threadsafety bug from Robert Marlow)
Commits on Apr 19, 2004

    csrhodes committed Apr 19, 2004
    	Just textual fixes.

    csrhodes committed Apr 19, 2004
    	Fixes fixes fixes
    	... restore build on linux/unithread;
    	... workaround apparent OpenMCL bug in the reader (#1#-related)
    	... fix for (funcall #'cddr ...)

    csrhodes committed Apr 19, 2004
    	Ignore appropriate stuff on ppc (Raymond Wiker sbcl-devel 2004-04-18)
    	... also add boilerplate to static-fn.lisp

    csrhodes committed Apr 19, 2004
    	Fix the first of Bruno Haible's test failures, more-or-less as
    	per Nikodemus Siivola sbcl-devel 2004-04-16
    	... also fix behaviour of OBSOLETE-INSTANCE-TRAP as hinted by NS

    William Harold Newman
    William Harold Newman committed Apr 19, 2004
    	merged Scott Parish's patch for OpenBSD, with a few tweaks...
    	...reduced space sizes to work around ulimit problems (as a
    		quick hack, probably not the ideal long-term solution)
    	...fiddling to work around collisions with NetBSD patch; ah,
    		the joys of working on living, squirmy code
    		create_thread() is correct; it was motivated by the
    		way that now new_thread_trampoline() is defined only
    	minor issue encountered while going through xc:
    		should blow away src/runtime/genesis/.
Commits on Apr 16, 2004

    csrhodes committed Apr 16, 2004
    	Just documentation
    	... make the compiler messages in the Compiler chapter match
    		reality slightly more;
    	... Slightly Less Capitalization All Over The Place When It's
    		Not Really Necessary (I realise this may be
    		controversial :-)
    	... more index entries, etc;
    	... annotate various bits with FIXMEs
Commits on Apr 15, 2004

    Alexey Dejneka
    Alexey Dejneka committed Apr 15, 2004
            * Merged patch by Lutz Euler for the bug 245a.

    csrhodes committed Apr 15, 2004
    	deKLUDGE the solution for PACK-BEFORE-GC-HOOK
    	... well, not completely.  PACK remains non-reentrant and
    		non-threadsafe, but at least now global data structures
    		don't grow without bounds;
    	... mostly whitespace changes, but clear the PACK structures
    		after every call, not once per GC cycle.  Marginally
    		less efficient, I fear :-(
    	... while we're at it, fix analogously VOP-TN-REFS, and while
    		we're at it, document that a special is a bit of an
    		odd way to implement a (non-reentrant non-threadsafe)
    	... only one BEFORE-GC-HOOK left.

    csrhodes committed Apr 15, 2004
    	Slight threadcode cleanup
    	... add boilerplate;
    	... make bodies of WITH-MUTEX and WITH-RECURSIVE-LOCK accept
    	... implement GET-MUTEX and RELEASE-MUTEX for unithread, but
    		don't actually use them yet because we're still in
    		"no performance penalty for unithread";
    	... make WITH-MUTEX available in the cross-compiler, so that
    		if necessary we can lock sections non-recursively.

    csrhodes committed Apr 15, 2004
    	Delete a bunch of UNIX-FOO symbols (and UNIX-FSYNC particularly) as
    	per patch Azimuth sbcl-devel 2004-04-01;
    	Also give build-start/build-finished times as suggested by
    	Perry Metzger and Brian Downing sbcl-devel 2004-04-09

    csrhodes committed Apr 15, 2004
    	Normalize QSHOW (Perry Metzger sbcl-devel 2004-04-04)
    	... #ifdef, not #if
Commits on Apr 14, 2004

    telent committed Apr 14, 2004
    	MORE IGNORANCE - add missing IGNORE declaration in code/target-thread
    	Also delete the standalone asdf-install executable, due to it
    	being basically a bit rubbish anyway

    csrhodes committed Apr 14, 2004
    	More ANSI-fixes, this time for RATIONALIZE
    	... new implementation due to Bruno Haible;
    	... include explanation and helpful references;
    	... fixes RATIONALIZE.1 and RATIONALIZE.3

    csrhodes committed Apr 14, 2004
    	Yay!  Finally, a patch inspired by PFD's ansi-tests
    	... make ECHO-STREAMs understand READ-SEQUENCE;
    	... add more tests than are in ansi-tests, because the interaction
    		with UNREAD-CHAR is potentially tricky.

    rudi committed Apr 14, 2004
    Documentation changes:
    * Document run-program
    * Create docstrings from contrib modules (see MODULES in Makefile)
      ... include some docstrings in sb-rotate-byte and sb-md5
          documentation to test it.
      ... unloadable contrib modules break docstring generation for now ...
    * Frob docstrings slightly: convert SYMBOL-LOOKALIKES to
      @code{symbol-lookalikes}, or @var{symbol-lookalikes} if they're part
      of the arglist.
      ... written in a slightly roundabout (line-based) way that will be
          useful for detecting common itemization / table formatting
          idioms in sbcl's docstrings.
      ... Bug fix: don't downcase docstrings.
Commits on Apr 13, 2004

    csrhodes committed Apr 13, 2004
    	Ignore some SPARC variables

    csrhodes committed Apr 13, 2004
    	NetBSD fixes
    	... remove one __NetBSD__ which got in the way;
    	... include kernel revision detection.
    	... also include less expensive spinlock definitions
    		for x86/unithread builds.

    csrhodes committed Apr 13, 2004
    	Commit "ignore during cross-compilation" patch (CSR sbcl-devel
    	... bad treatment of IGNORE now gets a full WARNING during
    	... fix all the badness this reveals;
    	... implement SAME-ARG checking in LOGFOO type derivers;
    	... also add one more IGNORABLE in PCL (from Marcus Pearce);
    	... test for bad (signed-byte <N>) bug.
Commits on Apr 11, 2004

    csrhodes committed Apr 11, 2004
    	... minimal, unpolished sb-md5 and sb-rotate-byte documentation
    	... whitespace fixup in sbcl.texinfo
    	... add a couple of index terms to sb-aclrepl.texinfo
    	(It Would Be Nice to be able to include contrib	docstrings;
    	it ought to be possible, but possibly we need to zap the
    	asdf-install 'binary' and require (ha ha) that REQUIRE should
    	work from within the build tree [with SBCL_HOME set appropriately]
    	on _all_ contribs)

    csrhodes committed Apr 11, 2004
    	Commit unmaintainable documentationoid for early-objdef.lisp
    	... add hand-generated binary representation of widetags
    		next to automatically-generating definition;
    	... will fail to be maintained as cut'n'paste moves the
    		lines around...
    	... but that's OK, because I will break the knuckles of anyone
    		who edits it before we get 64bitness;
    	... no, not really.  But maybe it will act as a bit of a
    		visual deterrent.
Commits on Apr 9, 2004

    rudi committed Apr 9, 2004
    * infrastructure for contrib/ documentation in the main manual:
      contrib;**;*.texinfo get automagically included in the chapter
      "Contributed Modules"
      ... rename to, since it makes more
          than docstrings now
      ... test it all by converting sb-aclrepl/README to texinfo format.

    rudi committed Apr 9, 2004
    * Documentation changes:
        - Document trace and require
        - Add variable index
        - Remove explicit links from @node lines, since makeinfo figures
          this out anyway and they would make automagic contrib/
          documentation inclusion harder.
        - add file TEXINFO-HINTS
    * Documentation infractructure changes:
        - document functions etc. with package prefix; index without
          package prefix too (makeinfo seems to index the name with prefix
          without being asked, so we just lay back and enjoy it)
        - Move list-of-packages-to-extract-docstrings-from to Makefile
        - Escape Texinfo special characters in documentation bodies as well.

    csrhodes committed Apr 9, 2004
    	Add Config.x86-netbsd to HEAD (oops)

    telent committed Apr 9, 2004
    	Rename x86 allocate-dynamic-code-object to allocate-code-object
    	for consistency with other ports, as we no longer have any
    	other kind of code object anwyay.
Commits on Apr 8, 2004

    csrhodes committed Apr 8, 2004
    	Merge netbsd_branch

    csrhodes committed Apr 8, 2004
    	Minor commentary and indentation fixes.

    csrhodes committed Apr 8, 2004
    	Merge Perry Metzger "netbsd patches" sbcl-devel 2004-04-06
    	... don't merge SB_THREAD/spinlock cleanup; the right answer
    		is to define an almost-null get_spinlock() version
    		for non-threaded builds.

    csrhodes committed Apr 8, 2004
    	Restore buildability goodness on PPC and SPARC
    	... move n-fixnum-foo-bits and so on from sparc-specific code
    		to early-vm.lisp
    	... while I'm at it, make the n-lowtag-bits calculated rather
    		than #+ / #-
    	... restore the hideous hack in ppc type-vops UGH UGH UGH
    		(my brain is too slow to fix this properly)
Commits on Apr 7, 2004

    csrhodes committed Apr 7, 2004
    	Make special operators know about their user-visible arglists
    	... change motivated by all-new all-singing all-dancing
    		automagic documentation facility;
    	... add a hacky test for it in sb-introspect