Commits on Jun 7, 2004
  1. 0.8.11:

    	release, tagged as sbcl_0_8_11
    William Harold Newman committed Jun 7, 2004
Commits on Jun 4, 2004

            Another, really-a-bug variant of #328. Reported by Tony Martinez.
    nikodemus committed Jun 4, 2004

            Installation related fixes
            ... Include SUPPORT in binary distros, since now installs it.
            ... Align mis-aligned column in INSTALL: OpenBSD works on x86, not PPC.
    nikodemus committed Jun 4, 2004
Commits on Jun 3, 2004

    	Fix for build on sparc/linux
    csrhodes committed Jun 3, 2004

    	Log accumulated bugs
    csrhodes committed Jun 3, 2004
Commits on Jun 1, 2004

            Fix typo: customize-target-features.lisp-expr -> *.lisp
    nikodemus committed Jun 1, 2004

    	sb-grovel & sb-posix symbol export changes
    	... sb-grovel no longer quietly exports every constant
    	... instead, I restored the old default of not exporting the symbol
    	    (and, additionally:) unless asked to
    	... sb-posix now exports all groveled-for constants and
    	    structure/class accessors
    	... (implicitly:) sb-bsd-sockets now does no more export its
    	    constants. This corresponds to the behavior before
    antifuchs committed Jun 1, 2004

            Squish bug #330
            ... PARSE-NAMESTRING now accepts any valid pathname designator as
                  its defaults argument.
            ... Poke at it with a regression stick.
    nikodemus committed Jun 1, 2004

    	Log a bug (related to fixed bug #327)
    csrhodes committed Jun 1, 2004

    	Sneaking in under the wire before the door is bolted
    	... it's a pure bugfix anyway: make the CONTROL-ERROR in
    csrhodes committed Jun 1, 2004
Commits on May 31, 2004

            More BUGS updates: close 2, add 3.
            ... Close #11 -- fixed nowadays.
            ... Close #241 -- notabug.
            ... Add profiling suboptimality from #241 as #328.
            ... Add sequential defclass bug as #329.
            ... Yay, a pathname bug, #330
    nikodemus committed May 31, 2004

    	One more piece of unsupported speculative functionality: merge
    	CSR's deboostrap idea for find-package to better support tools
    	which want to reason about source code.
    	... I believe this should be enough to allow SLIME & friends
    		to present a seamless editing environment for sbcl
    		source code.  Maybe.
    csrhodes committed May 31, 2004

    	Export socket conditions and accessors; improve EAGAIN support
    	... Export all socket errors and the parent condition
    	    SOCKET-ERROR from the sb-bsd-sockets package
    	... Also export socket-* accessors (except socket-stream)
    	... We now return NIL from socket-connect and socket-receive
    	    when connect(2) or recvfrom(2) fails with errno set to EAGAIN.
    	These fixes were suggested by Tony Martinez.
    antifuchs committed May 31, 2004

    	Fix undefined variable usage by socket-peername in sb-bsd-sockets
    	... also rework the with-sockaddr-for macro to make some uses of it
    	more readable
    antifuchs committed May 31, 2004

    	Fix BUG #327
    	... at fixup time, loop over subclassoids of STRUCTURE-OBJECT
    		and CONDITION and do FIND-CLASS on their names.  Hacky,
    		but there you go.
    	... this bloats the core quite significantly, but in addition
    		to fixing #327 it also seems to fix the instability in
    		stack exhaustion detection...
    csrhodes committed May 31, 2004

            Fixed BUG 315 "no bounds check for access to displaced array"
            (reported by Bruno Haible)
            ... ARRAY-DIMENSION now signals an
                   DISPLACED-TO-ARRAY-TOO-SMALL-ERROR when called on a
                   displaced array, whose displaced-to array has been
                   adjusted out of bounds.
            ... Test case.
    nikodemus committed May 31, 2004
Commits on May 30, 2004

    	fix for the worst case of entering the debugger when
    		*PRINT-CIRCLE* (as I proposed in sbcl-devel mail
    		earlier, fixing the problem described there)
    William Harold Newman committed May 30, 2004

    	Make sb-grovel initialize allocated objects with 0 bytes
    	This could fix the Mac OS X breakage we're seeing. If not, it
    	fixes a bug that would probably come around and bite us in the
    antifuchs committed May 30, 2004

            Merged Brian Masterbrooks patch that should fix builds on
            Mac OS X (sbcl-devel 28 May 2004)
            ... This is also known as faith-healing, as I have no Mac
                   to test this on.
    nikodemus committed May 30, 2004

            * On Alpha FAST-[UN]SIGNED-C-BINOP VOPs work with untagged
    Alexey Dejneka committed May 30, 2004

             More information on BUG 315 -- current behaviour is actually
             allowed by ANSI, but probably still worth fixing.
    nikodemus committed May 30, 2004
Commits on May 29, 2004

             And rewind... reinsert mention of shell-mode to sbcl.1.
    nikodemus committed May 29, 2004

             ... Clean up INSTALL
             ... Add "SEE ALSO" section to sbcl.1, and fold the DOCUMENTATION
                    section there. Also mention Slime in addition to ilisp,
                    and drop the mention of shell mode and package confusion.
             ... Make install the manual, BUGS, SUPPORT, CREDITS,
                    COPYING and NEWS as well, and make it tell where it put
                    everything. Don't install sbcl-asdf-install.1.
    nikodemus committed May 29, 2004
Commits on May 28, 2004

    	Give BUG a proper cross-compiler definition as a condition
    	... this means the xc and target definitions of the BUG function
    		can now be the same.
    	Log a bug discovered by looking at Show Class Subclasses CONDITION
    		in the clim listener
    csrhodes committed May 28, 2004

    	*sigh*.  Really add src/code/cross-condition.lisp
    csrhodes committed May 28, 2004

    	More refactoring around COMPILER-WARN
    	... new src/code/cross-condition file to house cross-compiler
    		definitions of conditions
    	... new condition types for format warnings
    	... (note that this separation between xc and target definitions
    		allows us to make warnings of different severity
    		during cross-compilation easily)
    csrhodes committed May 28, 2004
Commits on May 27, 2004

    	First cut at REFERENCE-CONDITIONs, and beginnings of condition
    	hierarchy.  Please feel free to join in the fun (see TODO).
    csrhodes committed May 27, 2004

            MORE ALIENS! sb-grovel now defines alien structures.
            ... sb-grovel, obviously. Reworked the def-to-lisp mechanism a bit
                and then hacked foreign-glue.
            .... array-data.lisp isn't needed by sb-grovel any more, and any
                 code that uses it will probably break anyway; removed it.
            .... The Manual: Now there's a section on sb-grovel usage.
                 sb-grovel's README is no more.
            ... sb-bsd-sockets: It had to learn to use aliens instead of
                non-typechecked lisp arrays. I hope there are no memory leaks.
            ... ditto for sb-posix.
            Thanks to vja for patches & patiently testing my changes on
            x86 and SPARC.
    antifuchs committed May 27, 2004

    	Two more ANSI printing fixes
    	... always print pathnames with #P"..." if that's possible
    	... delete old method (and FIXME comment) for logical-pathnames,
    		since SBCL is unlikely to regrow search-lists in their
    		CMUCL form
    	... provide ugly *print-readably*-compliant output format for
    		RANDOM-STATE objects
    csrhodes committed May 27, 2004
Commits on May 25, 2004

    	Fix *PRINT-RADIX* T *PRINT-PRETTY* NIL array printing, spotted
    	by PFD ansi-tests.
    csrhodes committed May 25, 2004
Commits on May 24, 2004
  1. me harder! Nikodemus pointed out that sbcl.1 also
    		mentions compiler-onliness. Avoid confusion the easy
    		way by just deleting that paragraph, on the theory that
    		people reading about SBCL at the once-over-lightly
    		level of the man page probably don't need to hear about
    		details which are unlikely to affect their lives.
    William Harold Newman committed May 24, 2004

    	Fix bug #321 (define-method-combination :arguments lambda lists)
    	... add FIXME note that there are $n+2$ PARSE-LAMBDA-LISToid
    		functions lying around
    csrhodes committed May 24, 2004

    	fiddled with manual to try to address IRC-reported user
    		confusion about whether SBCL being a compiler-only
    		implementation means it's not usable interactively
    	.cvsignore for doc/manual
    	New bug on *PRINT-CIRCLE*, global variables are teh suck.
    William Harold Newman committed May 24, 2004

    	Allow &FOO in lambda lists, with a style-warning, rather than
    	a full error (as per FIXME and #lisp IRC)
    csrhodes committed May 24, 2004

    	Fix #S reader bug regarding coercion of slot names to keyword
    	arguments (Kalle Niemitalo sbcl-devel 2004-05-23)
    csrhodes committed May 24, 2004