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Tag: sbcl_1_0_24
Commits on Dec 31, 2008
  1. @csrhodes

    1.0.24: release, will be tagged as sbcl_1_0_24

    csrhodes authored
    Also, include build fix for sparc (Juho Snellman / Bruce O'Neel
    sbcl-devel 30-12-2008) and mark test :throw :no-such-tag as failing on
    x86/linux and x86-64/linux (because they do for me).
  2. @nikodemus missing NEWS entries for this month

    nikodemus authored
     * Also add fill-column to modeline.
  3. @nikodemus fix overlapping spaces on OpenBSD

    nikodemus authored
     * Patch by Josh Elsasser. Going is despite the freeze since
       overlapping spaces are just plain broken.
     * Also mark THROW NO-SUCH-TAG failing on OpenBSD.
Commits on Dec 26, 2008
  1. Add a keyword to DIRECTORY to suppress symlink resolution.

    Richard M Kreuter authored
    * Contributed by TC-Rucho.

    Richard M Kreuter authored
    * Contributed by Robert Goldman.
  3. Cleanups in constraint propagation.

    Richard M Kreuter authored
    * Three changes here:
    (1) Have the conset's min slot always be a fixnum.  The min and max
        slots should now conform to CL sequence bounding index idioms.
    (2) Update the extrema in parallel, rather than in sequence, in the
        conset-union, -intersection, -difference.
    (3) Remove some noise from conset-intersection that probably included
        an off-by-one error.
    * Fixes a bug reported by Tobias C. Rittweiler on sbcl-devel.
Commits on Dec 25, 2008

    Thiemo Seufer authored
      * No observable change in behaviour. Apparently nothing ever allocates
        a non-pointer referenced object via this code path.
Commits on Dec 23, 2008
  1. Calculate array sizes in a more reliable way.

    Thiemo Seufer authored
      * The old implementation depended on the array header size being
        an even number of words.
      * Also, another micro-optimization for MIPS.
  2. MIPS runtime micro-optimization.

    Thiemo Seufer authored
Commits on Dec 22, 2008
  1. @nikodemus fixed bug 395

    nikodemus authored
     * Add support for base-strings in fill-pointer output streams.
     * Also fix a bug revealed by this change in derivation of
       ARRAY-ELEMENT-TYPE return type.
  2. @nikodemus WITH-HASH-TABLE-ITERATOR lambda-list beautification

    nikodemus authored
     * Iterator lambda-list name is NAME, not FUNCTION, which was a bit
       confusing since it is bound to a macro.
     * Thanks to Tobias Rittweiler.
  3. @nikodemus fix bug 357

    nikodemus authored
     Originally reported by Bruno Haible, more recently by Stephen Wilson.
     * SHARED-INITIALIZE (SLOT-OBJECT) should not check structure slots
       versus +SLOT-UNBOUND+: uninitialized slots are zeroed. Since adding
       slots to structure classes cannot cause those slots to be added to
       structure instances, we don't really have to check for boundness at
       SB-PCL::MAKE-STRUCTURE-CLASS-DEFSTRUCT-FORM did not take overridden
       slot specifications into account, and the latter also omitted
       initform and type information.
     * ALLOCATE-INSTANCE (STRUCTURE-OBJECT) should not fall back on
Commits on Dec 21, 2008
  1. Micro-optimization for MIPS' SYMBOL-HASH VOP.

    Thiemo Seufer authored
      * MIPS sucks now less.
  2. @nikodemus tweak concurrent hash-table access check

    nikodemus authored
     * Moves the with-concurrent-access-check inside the body where
       the lock is already held. Patch by Attila Lendvai.
     * Fix various attributions in NEWS, caught by TCR.
  3. @nikodemus fix bug 354: XEPs in backtraces, properly this time

    nikodemus authored
     * Don't terminate the block in MAYBE-TERMINATE-BLOCK even if the node
       is a call to a function that never returns if it is also the tail
       end of a XEP -- this allows TCO to deal with the XEP.
     * More stale bugs:
       ** 143 -- cannot replicate, interrupt handling has been robustified
          and partially redesigned since than, so confidence that this is
          really gone is reasonably high.
       ** 238 -- has gotten fixed at some point.
Commits on Dec 19, 2008
  1. @nikodemus bug 3b has been fixed a while now

    nikodemus authored
     * Test case added.
  2. @nikodemus bug 405 has been fixed a while now

    nikodemus authored
     * Fixed as of
  3. @nikodemus rewrite bug 217

    nikodemus authored
     * Case A is a non-issue. SBCL interprets "unpredictable but harmless"
       to mean "anything, but heap will no be corrupted, data lost, etc"
       -- that is, an error may or may not be signalled, but it the lisp
       session will remain sane and operable.
     * Case B is negated by the portability argument: since specifying both
       is unspecified, we should not build useful-seeming extensions on top
       of it, as it will only create portability problems for users.
     * Case C remains partially valid, except for the runtime WARNINGs.
       Integrated into the new text.
  4. @nikodemus special variables cause special cases in CLOS cleverness

    nikodemus authored
     * As we cannot reliably ensure nothing calls SET or (SETF
       SYMBOL-VALUE) on the special variable, we need to disable
       optimizations perutation vector optimizations for them.
     * For the same reason we cannot implicitly declare types for even
       local specials in DEFMETHODs.
     * Delete bug 276: the issue it refers to was fixed back when we
       stopped inserting declarations for special variables.
  5. @nikodemus three stale bugs

    nikodemus authored
     * 332, 369, 380: added test-cases which pass.
Commits on Dec 18, 2008
  1. @nikodemus compiler-macros for WRITE and WRITE-TO-STRING

    nikodemus authored
     * The common use-cases have only constant keywords, but due to the
       way they are defined inlining doesn't really help -- so do it with
       compiler-macros, which bind only those specials specified in the
  2. @nikodemus FORMAT performance tweaking 2

    nikodemus authored
     * Rearrange FORMAT-FIXED and open code guts of FORMAT-FIXED-AUX for
       both single and double-float cases, gaining ~5% speedup for ~F.
  3. @nikodemus FORMAT performance tweaking

    nikodemus authored
     * Handle plain ~D using explicitly bindings and OUTPUT-OBJECT to
       avoid paying for WRITE keyword argument parsing.
     * Compile format control strings when SPEED = SPACE.
     * Always transform FORMAT calls when the second argument is a
       function -- trying to save space there doesn't make much sense.
  4. @nikodemus wrong return value from READ-SEQUENCE :START on file streams

    nikodemus authored
     * Regression since
     * Reported by Daniel Herring, patch by Paul Huong.
     * Also tweak the "write a line with bignum characters test" to run a bit faster.
  5. Less magic constants in the MIPS backend.

    Thiemo Seufer authored
Commits on Dec 17, 2008
  1. Eliminate FCN as function moniker.

    Thiemo Seufer authored
  2. @nikodemus REPL recovers from *READ-SUPPRESS* T with a warning

    nikodemus authored
     * Reported by Daniel Herring.
  3. @nikodemus binaries built on now Leopard run on Tiger as well

    nikodemus authored
     * -mmacosx-version-min=10.4 needed in LINKFLAGS as well.
  4. Nicer code for MIPS, lifted from the SPARC backend.

    Thiemo Seufer authored
      * Add some :note annotations.
      * Kill a few magic constants.
Commits on Dec 16, 2008
  1. @nikodemus don't grab *WORLD-LOCK* in CLASSOID-TYPEP

    nikodemus authored
     * A shoddy bandaid to make Slime less prone to deadlock against the
       compiler when using :SPAWN.
     * Proper fix is to be much, much more principled about grabbing the
       *WORLD-LOCK* in the compiler: we should only ever grab it in places
       where we cannot end up calling arbitary user code while holding
Commits on Dec 15, 2008
  1. @nikodemus fix DX-COMBINATION-P

    nikodemus authored
     * Punt on multiple result-uses. Reported by Pascal Costanza and
       Thiemo Seufer.
     * Also check for clean arg flow all cases.
Commits on Dec 13, 2008
  1. @nikodemus export page sizes to C with LU suffix

    nikodemus authored
       GENCGC-PAGE-BYTES and *BACKEND-PAGE-BYTES* respectively.
     * Clean up constant.h generation: instead of guessing when to add an
       U suffix, specify when the value is "large", and then add an LU
     * Without the LU suffix some C compilers chose to truncate results of
       some operations where these quantities featured, leading at least
       to an upper limit of #xffff0000 bytes in dynamic space on certain
       64 bit systems.
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