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Commits on Jul 11, 2005

    William Harold Newman
    William Harold Newman committed Jul 11, 2005
    	(This is a trivial placeholder which is just preparation for stripping
    		tabs, and otherwise canonicalizing whitespace, in most of the
    	Later today I plan to change the whitespace style in most of the
    		system's source files. Thus, this version will be either
    		the last or very very close to the last version where
    		"cvs annotate" conveniently and cleanly runs back to the dawn
    		of time. Thus, after this commit I will run "cvs tag tabby".
  2. thread cleanup, paranoid

    Gabor Melis
    Gabor Melis committed Jul 11, 2005
      * fixed 32bitness in some places
      * untangled waitqueues, mutexes and spinlocks
      * updated the user manual
      * removed target-unithread.lisp and target-multithread.lisp and
        put everything into target-thread.lisp mainly for OOAO the docstrings,
        but also to provide as much as possible of the thread interface
        in unithread builds

    Gabor Melis
    Gabor Melis committed Jul 11, 2005
      * enable-debugger: set *debug-io* to *query-io*

    csrhodes committed Jul 11, 2005
    	Fix for memory fault error in
    	... we need to be able to have two different linkage-table
    		entries for "address of data" and "instructions
    		to jump to address" (DATAP=NIL/T)
    	... use a cons as the hash key rather than just the name
    	... (this area is not my speciality, so this fix may be
    		suboptimal.  Adjust as necessary)
Commits on Jul 7, 2005

    Gabor Melis
    Gabor Melis committed Jul 7, 2005
      * bug fix: inner with-recursive-lock no longer releases the mutex

    Gabor Melis
    Gabor Melis committed Jul 7, 2005
      * bug fix: run-program is now thread safe(r)
      * enable debugger in threads.impure.lisp for the duration of
        the debugger test
Commits on Jul 6, 2005
  1. restore buildability on non-linkage-table ports

    nikodemus committed Jul 6, 2005
      ...thanks to Thiemo Seufer.

    Gabor Melis
    Gabor Melis committed Jul 6, 2005
      * bug fix: debugger doesn't hang on session lock if interrupted at
        an inappropriate moment (added another without-interrupts until
        a better solution is found)
Commits on Jul 5, 2005

    Nathan Froyd
    Nathan Froyd committed Jul 5, 2005
    	Oops.  Revert broken change.  Record a BUG for posterity.
    	...fix the script while we're at it, too.
  2. oops, missed one

    nikodemus committed Jul 5, 2005
      * rename one more call to FOREIGN-SYMBOL-ADDRESS-AS-INTEGER
      * fix to actually fail when we can't load stuff

    Gabor Melis
    Gabor Melis committed Jul 5, 2005
      * made the debugger omit printing the thread in unithread builds
      * fixed a ppc gcc4 compilation problem
  4. infinite error protection

    Gabor Melis
    Gabor Melis committed Jul 5, 2005
      * bug fix: don't halt on infinite error in threads if possible
      * use invoke-debugger instead of internal-debug on infinite errors
      * don't halt after the 50th successfully handled infinite error
  5. refactoring internals of foreign linkage

    nikodemus committed Jul 5, 2005
         so forth. Follow this scheme consistently, calling foreign saps
         saps, and addresses addresses.
      * new function: FIND-FOREIGN-SYMBOL-ADDRESS, which doesn't enter
         the symbol to linkage table. Use it in SB-POSIX to detect the
         presence of foreign symbols.
      * merge patch by David Lichteblau:
         ENSURE-DYNAMIC-FOREIGN-SYMBOL-ADDRESS keeps track of used foreign
         symbols in hash-tables instead of lists.

    Gabor Melis
    Gabor Melis committed Jul 5, 2005
      * use a fresh read buffer for non-recursive reads to allow for
        nested and thread safe reading
      * killed read-from-string's string-input-stream and stringify-object's
        string-output-stream cache mainly for thread safety reasons
      * as a side-effect potentially huge buffers do not linger
Commits on Jul 4, 2005

    csrhodes committed Jul 4, 2005
    	Better docstring lambda-list treatment (FSVO "better", but at
    	least gets sb-sprof:with-profiling right)
    	... also add .cvsignore to internals manual directory
  2. ansi fixes

    nikodemus committed Jul 4, 2005
     * fill slots in TYPE-ERRORs from COERCE.
     * classes are type designators and must be accepted by MAKE-CONDITION.
     * MULTIPLE-VALUE-SETQ returns the primary value of the values form.
     * COMPILE must not return NIL.

    csrhodes committed Jul 4, 2005
    	Merge THSpatch "Minor mips code cleanup" (sbcl-devel 2005-06-19)
    	... make the code a little prettier.

    csrhodes committed Jul 4, 2005
    	Merge THS patches for MOVE and branch delay scheduling
    	(3 parts, "Mips branch delay slot audit" sbcl-devel 2005-06-19)
    	... prefer MOVE to INST MOVE;
    	... be more careful with branch delay slots;
    	... preschedule where possible.

    csrhodes committed Jul 4, 2005
    	Better LOGNOR on fixnums for MIPS (THS sbcl-devel 2005-05-22)
    	... just subtract the mask

    csrhodes committed Jul 4, 2005
    	Merge THS patch "Fix headerptr initialization for cheneygc"
    	... use the dynamic space that's in use.
    	... (this is in something called from ldb -- not surprising
    		no-one noticed)
Commits on Jul 3, 2005
  1. various error &co reporting improvements and build tweaks

    nikodemus committed Jul 3, 2005
     * print the cell name for CELL-ERRORs when *PRINT-ESCAPE* is true.
     * print just the filename, not the SHARED-OBJECT structure for failed
     * improve our Darwin dlerror(3)-shim reporting; also clean up warnings from
       ppc-darwin-dlsim.c and reindent it for 80 columns.
     * move reporting of failed contribs to, and re-add
       --disable-debugger, which had accidentally fallen off.

    kevinrosenberg committed Jul 3, 2005
    	* contrib/sb-aclrepl/repl.lisp: update KILL-CMD for new thread
  3. restore buildability on PPC

    nikodemus committed Jul 3, 2005
     * missing VOPs from arith.lisp are here, I hope.
Commits on Jul 2, 2005

    kevinrosenberg committed Jul 2, 2005
    	* contrib/sb-aclrepl/repl.lisp: PROCESSES-CMD now recognizes
    	that threads are objects, not numbers.

    csrhodes committed Jul 2, 2005
    	Make it build, at least, on sparc.

    Alexey Dejneka
    Alexey Dejneka committed Jul 2, 2005
            * Add constant folding of ARRAY-HEADER-P for complex-array
              argument (fixes spurious warning reported by Eduardo
            * FOREIGN-SYMBOL-ADDRESS-AS-INTEGER does not loose second
              result (fix bug reported by Luis Oliveira).
            * Don't run external format checks on SBCL without Unicode
Commits on Jul 1, 2005

    Gabor Melis
    Gabor Melis committed Jul 1, 2005
      * bug fix: no more highly sporadic "couldn't check whether ~S is
        readable" when reading a stream and an interrupt hits in the middle
        of a select system call
      * added with-restarted-syscall macro
      * added abcl support to build scripts

    csrhodes committed Jul 1, 2005
    	Document in an internalsy kind of way the various string
    	types that exist.

    Gabor Melis
    Gabor Melis committed Jul 1, 2005
      * threads for x86-64
  4. thread objects

    Gabor Melis
    Gabor Melis committed Jul 1, 2005
      * Public interface changes
        ** proper thread objects instead of thread ids
        ** (THREAD-NAME THREAD): threads have names (useful for debugging,
        ** *CURRENT-THREAD* special is bound in each thread
        ** (LIST-ALL-THREADS) returns a list of all active threads
      * Notes
        ** thread-init moved earlier in cold-init and reinit
        ** the lisp side does not ever use os_thread_t (it was problematic due
           to pthread_t being opaque) but struct thread *
        ** threads are reaped (i.e. the thread is pthread_joined and struct
           thread* is freed) by the thread object's finalizer. This makes
           it easy to implement resetting threads. Running threads are kept
           in sb-thread::*all-threads*.
        ** threads block all blockable signals when going down:
           interrupt-thread and others cannot catch it at an inappropriate
           moment, for instance calling quit outside the catch %end-of-the-world
        ** target-thread.lisp renamed target-multithread.lisp,
           target-thread.lisp now contains the generic thread support
        ** new file early-thread.lisp: define *current-thread*
        ** removed thread state STOPPING that was only used for assertions and
           complicated matters
        ** renumbered thread states
        ** sb-thread::release-spinlock now releases the locks with
           non-fixnum value, but is no longer safe to call multiple times
        ** much simplified locking for threads and gc
        ** fixed deadlocking bugs introduced by the pthread merge

    rudi committed Jul 1, 2005
    Make interactive-stream-p a generic function so Gray streams can
    specialize on it.
Commits on Jun 30, 2005

    Nathan Froyd
    Nathan Froyd committed Jun 30, 2005
    	Enable slightly more efficient operations with 32-bit constants
    	  on PPC.  This reduces our instruction count in the inner loop
    	  of SB-MD5 by nearly 10% and brings us closer to the code that
    	  GCC generates.

    Nathan Froyd
    Nathan Froyd committed Jun 30, 2005
    	Fix ASH to fold away shifts of zero based on the actual derived
    	  type, not just the constancy of the arg.
Commits on Jun 29, 2005