Crash when starting SBCL #23

orthecreedence opened this Issue Nov 8, 2012 · 0 comments

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When I open sbcl.exe, I get the following:

This is SBCL, an implementation of ANSI Common Lisp.
More information about SBCL is available at <>.

SBCL is free software, provided as is, with absolutely no warranty.
It is mostly in the public domain; some portions are provided under
BSD-style licenses.  See the CREDITS and COPYING files in the
distribution for more information.
fatal error encountered in SBCL pid 2724(tid 6059296):
invalid magic number in core: 0x5342434c should have been 0x5342434c.

I'm on windows 7 x64, this is a clean install from (sbcl- installer).

Oddly enough, the standalone version works fine (

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