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This repository

Unofficial SBCL fork for MS Windows (normally kept in sync with the mainline, intended for eventual merge) featuring threads, AMD64 port, and some I/O subsystem modifications (mostly Windows-specific). Based on threading support by dmitry_vk (with GC safepoints)

tag: sbcl_0_7_0
Welcome to SBCL.

To find out more about who created the system, see the "CREDITS" file.

If you'd like information about the legalities of copying the system,
see the "COPYING" file.

If you'd like to install or build the system, see the "INSTALL" file.

If you'd like more information about using the system, see the man
page, "sbcl.1", or the user manual in the "doc/" subdirectory of the
distribution. (The user manual is maintained as DocBook SGML in the
source distribution; there is an HTML version in the binary

The system is a work in progress. See the "TODO" file in the source
distribution for some highlights.

If you'd like to make suggestions, report a bug, or help to improve the
system, please send mail to one of the mailing lists:
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