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Copying done right...
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GuttenBase - Copying done right...

There are many tools to visualize or analyze databases. You will also find lots of programs programs to copy databases between different systems. However, we found that these tools are not flexible enough and do not fulfill all our needs. They fail, e.g., because they can not map the various data types between data bases correctly, or because the amount of data becomes to big. Examples for such applications are the DBCopy-Plugin of SQuirreL. You may also have heard of the database refactoring tool Liquibase. And of course there is commercial software available such as dbCOPY.

The solution we suggest is to program data migrations using an extensible framework instead of configuring some (limited) tool. We found that this approach gives us much more flexibility when performing data migrations. Migrating a data base almost always requires an individual special solution, since every system has its peculiarities.

Another problem we address is the fact that databases are often accessible from within some internal corporate network only. As developers we would like to work independently with a local database clone on our computer. And we don't want to install Oracle or DB2 for that, but use Open Source products such as Postgresql or MySQL.

Quick Example

The following code example first checks whether the source and destination are compatible. Then the values from the source database are written to the target database. Finally, we perform (empirical) checks whether the data has been transmitted correctly.

In many cases, that's it!

final ConnectorRepository connectorRepository = new ConnectorRepositoryImpl();
connectorRepository.addConnectionInfo("MySql", new AevMySqlConnectionInfo());
connectorRepository.addConnectionInfo("Postgresql", new AevPostgresqlConnectionInfo());

new CheckSchemaCompatibilityTool(connectorRepository).checkTableConfiguration("MySql", "Postgresql");
new DefaultTableCopyTool(connectorRepository).copyTables("MySql", "Postgresql");
new CheckEqualTableDataTool(connectorRepository).checkTableData("MySql", "Postgresql");


  • Dump a database into a ZIP/JAR file, transfer the file somewhere else via SSH/FTP/... and extract it locally
  • GuttenBase supports many data base systems to automatically map different column types
  • Transform columns and tables during the migration
    • renaming columns
    • changing the column type
    • split columns into multiple columns
    • ...
  • Transform data during the migration
  • Configure the copying process for maximum speed
  • Create mass data for testing by copying the source DB multiple times
  • Meta model of data base for analysis
  • Create tables from imported schema automatically
  • Supports builder pattern to create schema definitions
  • Highly configurable via custom configuration "hints"
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