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forked 1.1.5.CR01 to support multiple ldap stores for querying

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Extending picketlink 1.1.5.CR01 (in combination with GateIn 3.1.FINAL) to support multiple ldap stores.

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changed artefacts:
* picketlink-idm-core
* picketlink-idm-ldap
* picketlink-idm-hibernate


v1.3 (16.04.2012)
* fixed issue #14 (validateUser does not respect multiple LDAPs)
* fixed issue #15 (ldap search needs to ignore case) 

v1.2 (21.12.2011)
* fixed issue #9 (Exception on startup) 
* fixed issue #11 (performance troubles with #2) 

v1.1 (15.12.2011)
* fixed issue #2 (Define amount of ldap search results for mulitple stores)
* set option "maxSearchResults" per xml config file
* fixed issue #5 (get "USER" from userTypeMappings)

v1.0 (12.12.2011)
* Modified PersistenceManagerImpl and FallbackIdentityStoreRepository.
* Support multiple usertype mappings that each show to different ldap identity stores.
* Modifications only work for reading ldap access.
* Performance might not be optimal due to unneccessary ldap queries.
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