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* interface
* commit multiple files at once.
* keyword expansion.
* history.
* diff.
* remote mode
* talk CVS client/server protocol directly to avoid using CVS command.
(it is required to specify `description' when adding a file.)
* local mode
* cache whole RCS file in memory.
* cache mode (needless?)
* implement.
* checking RCS file regeneration identity.
* think better name.
* application
* ViewCVS (or cvsweb) like cgi script - ReViz - work in progress. (needs better name.)
* repository downloader - reimplement CVSsuck.
* various tree visualizer - VizTree (formaly CVStree)
* local modification uploader.
* branch and trunk exchanger.
* SandWeb (or cvswebclient) like cgi script.
* wikiwiki like application with revision control.
* tool for archiving (remote) web diaries periodically.
* CVS clone.
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