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Sublime Text 3 plugin to automatically hide the side bar when it loses focus
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Side Bar Hider

This Sublime Text 3 plugin will automatically hide the side bar when it loses focus. It also works well when paired with the popular FocusFileOnSidebar


Install via Package Control or you can git clone from within your Packages folder.

Toggle SideBar Autohide

The autohide behaviour for a window can be toggled via the command: SideBarHider. This is useful for circumstances when you need the sidebar to be with you all the time, e.g. when doing extensive navigation throgh a folder tree. Toggling is window specific and not persisted across sublime sessions (sidebar will again be hidden after restarting Sublime Text).


  • Either via command palette. Search for: SideBarHider
  • Or use the shortcut: ctrl+alt+shift+t (Windows, Mac OS and Linux)
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