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Building Pyrus & Composer packages

  • First, copy packager.ini.orig to packager.ini.
  • Next, configure:
    • path to the ZF2 root directory
    • path to pyrus script
    • a release version name

For Pyrus:

  • Run:

    php scripts/make-all-packages.php

  • Finally, run:

    php scripts/release-all-packages.php

For Composer:

  • Run:

    php scripts/make-all-composer-packages.php

  • Finally, run:

    php scripts/release-all-composer-packages.php

That's it. Then add the new files & the changed packages.json, commit, and push to the github repository.

Building full/minimal packages

Two steps:

  • Run:

    php scripts/make-zf-package.php

  • Run:

    php scripts/make-zf-minimal-package.php

Add and commit the new public/releases/ZendFramework-<version>/ subdirectory that was created.

Building the end-user manual

  • Run:

    php scripts/make-zf-manual.php

Add and commit the new public/releases/ZendFramework-<version>/*-manual* files that were created.

Building the API documenation

  • Run:

    php scripts/make-zf-apidoc.php

Add and commit the new public/releases/ZendFramework-<version>/*-apidoc.* files that were created.

Note: this command takes some time to run!


Checkout from the server, where the actual channel is located.