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Lightroom Classic plug-in to create collections within collection sets from a hierarchy of keywords
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Keywords to Collections Lightroom Plug-in

This plug-in for Lightroom Classic will take a hierarchy of keywords that exist under a top level root keyword and create a set of collections within collection sets under a top level root collection set.


  • Download the release zip file and extract it.
  • Move collection-creator.lrplugin to the directory where you keep your Lightroom plug-ins.
  • In Lightroom Classic, go to File -> Plug-in Manager...:
    • Click Add at the bottom of the left hand list.
    • Click Enable in the Status section for the Collection Creator plugin.
    • Navigate to and select collection-creator.lrdevplugin and click Add Plug-in
    • Close the Plug-in Manager by clicking Done.

Running the plug-in

To run the plug-in, click Library -> Plug-in Extras -> Create Collections

This will:

  1. Create a collection called "_Keyword Collections" if it doesn't already exist
  2. Create a keyword called "_Keywords To Become Collections" if it doesn't already exist

If the "_KeywordsToBecomeCollections" keyword has been created by the plug-in or is empty, then a message will be displayed and the process will stop. You now need to place the keyword hierarchy that you wish to be converted to collections within collection setsinside this keyword and Create Collections run again.

If there are child keywords within the "_KeywordsToBecomeCollections" keyword, then the plug-in will iterate through every child keyword (and their children):

  • For each keyword that has a child keyword, it will create a collection set of the same name.
  • For each keyword that does not have a child keyword, it will create collection of the same name and add all photos with that keyword to the collection.

The end result is that you will have a set of collections inside collection sets that match the keyword hierarchy.

Development notes

  • collection-creator.lrplugin is a directory and can be renamed to collection-creator.lrdevplugin so that macOS doesn't treat it as a package.
  • Change the variables rootCollectionSetName and rootKeywordName if you want to use a different root collection set or keyword.
  • Logs go to the console. On Mac, sart and search for "AkrabatCollectionCreator" to filter for just the logs from this plug-in.
  • Changing CreateCollections.lua doesn't require reloading the plug-in. Changing Info.lua does though.
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